Did you know that by just organizing your life, you can have up to 90 minutes longer of time every day? Well, today we will give you some tips to organize your life to help you achieve it.

Studies show that an average person wastes 30 to 40% of their time daily, which represent 5 to 6 hours a day. The loss of time today is a major concern, as with social networks and various online entertainment sites are very easy to get distracted and lose focus on the really important life activities.


Open the drawer of papers, sort and throw what is not needed.

throw what is not needed A good start is to sort the bill drawer. Surely you keep proof of payment of three or four years ago. Today, with summaries and statements available on the Internet, it is very likely that you do not need 95% of the papers you keep in your desk drawers. A great solution for those who fear of throwing things is to use the phone to take pictures and save bills digitally.


Abandon, or reduce-alcohol, cigarettes, video games, or any other addictive attitude.

It may seem logical, but be active in trying. The vices cloud the mind; and incidentally, all the money saved can be devoted to more satisfying things such as travel or outputs.

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Start each day with a clear list of things to do.

list of things to do Before going to sleep, write down on paper, or to-do application, all you have to do the next day. Try to propose three (3) specific objectives to achieve it the next day. In this way, you clear your head to sleep better and complete each task the next day will be very satisfactory.


Clean the entire house, from the drawers to the fridge.

Strip expired condiments, donate shirts and shoes that you have not used for years, stock your collection of books, organize all cables that are circling the house.

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Arrange personal documents as if they were company documents.

personal documentsWhere is your passport? And your paycheck? Where have you forsaken the rental guarantee? And the papers of the car? Buy a simple folder with sheets, or clips, or post-its, and sort all your papers and documents in one place. And at this point, check point 1, there may be many roles that do not need to continue saving.


Make the grocery list and plan the day and time most convenient.

This may serve more as an exercise in self-discipline organization. Make a list from start to finish. Propose going to the supermarket the day when you have the best benefits and discounts. Try to meet at exactly the scheduled purchase. A good way to help you sort your head.

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Arm and disarm the first aid kit.

Is there a first aid kit in your home with all medications together? It should have. You already have? Check expiration dates. Check if you’re running out of aspirin, or ibuprofen, bandages or Band-Aid.



dietingEating a balanced diet is the best way to have more energy, think clearly and lead an orderly and balanced life. It is best to consult with a nutritionist and not blindly follow internet diets.


Drink water.

It is the solution to many problems. Are you sleepy all the time and you do not know why? Drink water. You cannot concentrate? Drink water.

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Make an exercise plan and stick to it.

exercise planIf you do not exercise, start with 10 minutes a day, three times a week, and increases the time every week. If you propose to run, swim or do a sport three times a week, force yourself to accomplish your goal. In the beginning, it will be difficult, but once you’re exercising regularly, you will enthuse increasingly to enhance your performance.



Are you one of those people who “did not like to read”? Separate half an hour of your day to read and you will change your thought very quickly. You do not have a time? And that half hour of zapping in which you do not see absolutely anything? Look for a topic that interests you and use Google and Amazon. Surely there are hundreds -thousands- of books to start.

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Breathe and meditate.

Breathe and meditateMeditation brings real benefits scientifically proven, and it is really very easy to do. Search “meditation techniques” is enough, but if you want something even simpler: Sit straight, deep and controlled breathing, and let the thoughts without paying attention. Five minutes each morning and make a tremendous difference.


Write down ideas.

Keeping a journal or a personal scorer helps fix ideas and better store any data. Leave the keyboard and the phone for a second, and you will not hurt anything. In addition, there is no better way to organize abstract concepts that are writing them down; with the hands.

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Organise your photo collection.

photo collectionIf you have a scanner, you can digitize ones you like the most while exploit and sort all your records. Also, you can spend some time remembering good times (because nobody takes pictures during bad times).


Walking and spend more time outdoors.

How many sunny Saturdays you have devoted to the couch watching the TV shows? Occasionally it is good, but do not stop trying to form the habit of going for a walk at least a few minutes each day; go to the store or look for any excuse to get out and stretch your legs helps clear the mind.

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Take a vacation.

Take a vacationThere is nothing better than traveling to clarify thoughts. No need to get on a plane and drop on an island.  You can surely find a vacation which can fit your budget. Or just go to a neighborhood in your city you did not know. The important thing is to learn new things.

We assure you that after all this process, you will think in a clearer way, and you will become more productive. So, now there is no other thing than… ACTION!

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