Perhaps this question has never come to your mind, but many people are looking for answers to that. The most common cause of this search is neutrality on the opposite side.
Can we do something concrete and not leave the whole thing “perhaps” and “if”? Still, it’s about our feelings, and we do not want to embarrass ourselves, fall out ridiculous or worse – to experience rejection.

What is the right way to show someone that you care, and that you have feelings that are more than friendship, but that you still don’t want to be hurt?

How to Show Someone You Care

In the moments you spend with that person, let her know that she is special in your eyes, but not in such a straightforward way as to approach her with a pile of friends and say loudly: “Hey, you’re special to me, I want to spend more time with you “, He/she will be scared and will run away no matter what.

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You must have found yourself in a situation that someone really liked you, that you really care about him/her. You tried everything about her/him, but all in vain. This person didn´t even say thanks to you. You were disappointed and turned to the other side sad and wordless. And there is another situation. You know that someone cares about you to love him immensely, but you just do not think you know the right way to show that person that great love you feel. In both cases, the same rules apply.

How to Show Someone You Care

You must not allow that person to feel bad about you. Make sure you make it happy, to feel great happiness with you. You don´t have to start with sweet words and compliments immediately, especially if you are not sure what this other person feels about you. Some joke on your own account will be great for the beginning. Also, let that person speak, give her a word, but listen carefully. You can question everything you want to know about her/him. This way the person you love will see if you are interested in her/him.

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When you see that this person needs some help, and you are able to help her, then certainly do it. Only in the most difficult moments, the true human values stand out. If you accidentally see someone hurting someone or incapacitating her to something bad, react immediately and in the eyes of that person, you will become a real hero. (Or maybe heroin.) Give her your stuff if she hits you to love them, for example, your CDs, books, etc. Always be an honest “shoulder for crying” when he/she need it.

How to Show Someone You Care

Do not forget to laugh at each of her/his jokes. That means a lot to everyone. If this person feels cold when you are somewhere outside, cover her with your jacket. The girls still fall on the gentlemen. If there is some kind of quarrel, make compromises. Only these small, ordinary things will make you look beautiful in the eyes of that person.

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I did not want to list some kind of hard rules because they do not even exist when we talk about love. It’s much more beautiful when everything is spontaneous. If you think that someone cares about you, just follow the steps of your heart. Because everything is in you. Remember also what you would like a person to do for you. This will make it easier to know how to proceed.

Simply just awaken the treasure that sleeps at the bottom of your heart. Share it with the person you love. It’s really not a big spell to show someone that you care about him. The true magic is already this feeling of love…

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