You’ve always been a shy person who doesn’t have enough courage to say what s/he thinks or to stand up for herself, rather than to hang on to the majority even though s/he mostly disagrees with it. Do you have the feeling that other people are managing you and impose their opinions, and you don’t want to exclude, NO, I don’t want it or NO, I don’t agree with that either? If you’ve recognized yourself in the foregoing, you certainly have issues with confidence. But there are ways to acquire it, of course – by training, which helps you to free yourself and actively take steps to accomplish your goals without fear. Make for yourself and your better future some of these things.


Learn to say NO

How to Stand Up for Yourself

We often find ourselves in a situation where we agree to do something that doesn’t suit us. We find it hard to say no and we don’t want to hurt our interlocutor. But, in that way, we hurt ourselves without a problem. We do things that we don’t want – we cannot oppose to boring neighbors, we will help our colleagues if they ask us, although we have to cancel the deal with our friends. Sometimes it is necessary to say no – no one will get angry.

If people don’t accept your no as an answer, perhaps you act wrong. Uncertain attitude and voice seem unconvincing. Practice your attitude – solidify yourself. The easiest way is to watch your interlocutor in the eye, with both feet stand firmly on the ground and throw your shoulders back to stand upright. Stop giving an explanation. You don’t have to, behind every no, explain to the interlocutor in detail why you aren’t currently able to help him.


Being self-confident, but still careful!

Self-confident people listen to the other interlocutors carefully, they never interrupt them. What is particularly important for every person is to submit a critique. Self-confident people accept very well a criticism because they feel that everyone has the right to their opinion, they don’t perceive it as the end of the world because they don’t depend on someone else’s opinion and acceptance. In the company of such persons, others feel comfortable and relaxed too.

That’s why we bring you some tips on how to get rid of your “shell” and to finally impose yourself so that others can hear you:

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Techniques for a firm stand:

How to Stand Up for Yourself

– Always speak positively about yourself.

– Keep a positive attitude and stay away from people who transmit bad vibes and deprive you of energy by gossiping.

– Be your own best friend.

– Learn from your own mistakes, don’t blame yourself constantly

– No doubt in your abilities regardless of what others say to you.

– Respect other people because they will also respect you.


How to ask someone for a favor?

When you need a favor, keep it short. Explain your requirements. There is no need to apologize because you are looking for a favor, but rather do with your story a moral obligation to that person so s/he needs to help you.

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And how to ask for forgiveness?

How to Stand Up for Yourself

If your behavior refers to the circumstances that are beyond your power, will be accepted much more favorably than an apology, which mentions only those reasons to which you could have some influences. If the situation was not beyond your power, the sole judge of your own qualities and behaviors is you.


When you want to give a critique…

Before giving a critique say something nice. Criticize someone’s act, not the person, and let him/her know that you are with him/her in spite of everything. We cannot only give praise. A person needs to know what s/he did wrong and why that what s/he did is bad. Otherwise, s/he will not be able to change his/her behavior. In addition, if we only give praise, people probably wouldn’t believe us.

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All of these things play a part in their own way in that you stand up for yourself and stop doing everything for someone else’s benefit and against yourself.

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