Sometimes everything in life seems to go wrong. Your thoughts are randomly scattered and you start having doubts about your actions. All you can see are obstacles.

There’s a change coming from within, that little voice saying: something needs to change…

You already know that life can be beautiful. Your inner voice constantly reminds you of this.

Then why do you feel so desperate and restless? 

This feeling often comes with a sudden desire to start a new life from scratch.

When everything around you stops bringing you joy for longer periods of time, it’s time to start rethinking your life. 

Don’t let it frighten you. On the contrary – treat it as a sign that it is time to move forward. 

Naturally,  this can be scary.  But I also promise you it will be worth it.

Look at it this way.  If you had the opportunity to become that person you imagine yourself to be someday, would you take the opportunity? 

Would you forget about the past and give up bad habits that hinder your personal growth? 

To change completely from head to toe, from thoughts and inner feelings to outward actions?

If the answer is yes, let me break it to you. You don’t need to find a new job, a new partner, a new place to live. All you need is a new mindset.

Every person needs personal transformations every now and then. So where do you start?

You start with Yourself.

Just yourself.

Start with yourself and keep working with yourself.

Forget about the ultimate goal, self-improvement is a process that never ends. 

If you’re wondering how to achieve that, keep reading!


#1 What Drives The Need for Change?

How to Start a New Life

Each of us grows up and lives in a certain system of values ​​and concepts dictated by our upbringing and environment. 

First, we get to know what the world around us is like and how it works. We live in an established coordinated system. 

This is the path on which, of course, it is convenient and so familiar to walk on – simple, predictable and safe. 

When you really desire a change, it is not enough just to get off tracks, but to pave a new path.

And what is that you fear? 

It is the risk of losing what is valuable to us today, without a guarantee of a bright future tomorrow. 

Changing yourself is nothing more than stepping out of your comfort zone.

And when the desire to be and live better does not leave you and the idea of ​​changing warms your soul, then you know it is time to start something new.


#2 Let Go of Your Burden

Life is a journey. As you travel through life, you will realize that it is best to travel without too much burden. 

Unpack your luggage, unload; wear as little as possible to enjoy the journey.

Put your worries aside. Leave your past in the past. 

You can’t change it so it doesn’t matter how hard you try or how much you hold on to it. The past is over. 

There is no room for new blessings because you are still carrying that unnecessary burden.

Don’t let the past steal your present. 

Don’t judge yourself by the past… you don’t live there anymore. 

Release, grow and move forward. 

As we age and become wiser, we begin to understand what we need, but also what needs to be left behind.

Often the act of leaving is actually a step forward. 

Sometimes a break from routine is just what we need. If you don’t try to master something beyond what you already know, there is no doubt that you will feel stuck.

Don’t waste another minute regretting what you did yesterday – just start doing what you need to do now!

Fear does not exist anywhere except in your mind.

It can be hard to follow your heart sometimes, but it’s a tragedy if you let fear stop you.

Let go of what weighs you down.



#3 Be Determined

“That’s it, I’m starting a new life today and there’s no excuse!” 

That sounds like a great start! 

Dreams do not like to be scattered. 

If there is a goal, then it should be said loud and not only on a subconscious level. 

It’s the same way I’ve dreamed all my life about studying abroad, and not even tried to find out how I could do that. The thought has been stuck in my mind for so long. Just a random thought, every now and then. 

Ask yourself: what do you really want? 

It is important to write on paper the list of things that appear in your mind when you think about changing.

I did end up studying abroad – when the need for change was so overwhelming that I needed to take action.

You need to decide. Not constantly question and overthink.

Make a decision and give in all you can to make it possible. There is no other way.


#4 Stop Waiting For a Miracle

A perfect moment will never come.

All you have is now!

When you believe that your future is defined by your past, you cannot achieve anything.

If you are asking yourself: “do I have to go with the flow or against it?”, there is only one correct answer.

You must swim where necessary!

Learn how to act independently of circumstances in order to have a future, and not just a repetition of the past.

You are already dreaming about change – it’s time to start acting. 

Don’t wait for better days, they won’t come. Better days are your decision, create them.

Don’t wait so impatiently for your pain to be healed. Pain makes you stronger and more resilient to life. Accept the pain as a teacher.

Don’t wait for the perfect job. It will never come by itself.  If you have an idea – start its realization.

All good ideas were initially declared crazy and unattainable. But nothing will happen if you don’t move towards what you desire. 

Once you make that decision and give in all you can – maybe, just maybe, life will reward you with a miracle after all.


#5 Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

How to Start a New Life

It is better to try and make mistakes than to do nothing at all. 

Every failure can lead you to success, and every success carries traces of past failures.

Perhaps we are so persistent in some of our endeavors that only a fatal mistake can separate us from that path that is essentially not for us. 

Perhaps the only way to give up what is not for us is to lose. And to lose big.

Just as Michelangelo viewed his works as liberations from an undefined stone or marble, the same way our lives are filled with mistakes. With every mistake we make,  we eliminate that unnecessary part of the stone and become an even more perfect version of ourselves.

Try to look at every mistake as an indicator of the part of your life that you need to remove. 

When something happens to you, instead of asking “Why is this happening to me?”, try asking “How can this help me?”.

And then you watch your life grow from an awkward boulder into a beautiful work of art worthy of admiration!


#6 There is No Such Thing as “Too Late”

You want to start over, but you think it is too late now?

But is it really so?

Napoleon Hill, an American author, explained:

 “Analyzing the activities of more than twenty-five thousand people, I found that rarely does anyone achieve remarkable success under the age of forty. Most of the time they were already in their fifties when they took the required speed”.

We cannot change what has happened to us, but we can change the way we deal with what is happening now. 

Things are not going as you planned? Do you think everything is going to slow? 

So what? If there’s nothing you can do, why would you let it bother you so much?

It’s never too late to change the way you look at things.



#7 Start Doing What You Love!

Psychologists believe that just an hour per day is enough to achieve success in what you love to do. Obviously, you need to define success.

What is success to you?

Is it being happy and enjoying what you love? 

Try doing what you love every day, without avoidance, without hiding behind laziness or fear of stepping out of your comfort zone.

Just an hour!

The main thing is to love what you do with all your heart.

This will help you not to lose motivation on your way to achieve the goal. 


Here are some things you can focus on:

  1. Creativity or creative hobby. Enjoy the creative process!
  2. Thinking and arranging your life. You need to take the time to calmly explore your own life and figure out where to go next. You can meditate, keep a diary or make long-term plans.
  3. Learning new things. There is nothing more pleasurable for self-awareness than growth in the intellectual sphere. Read books, attend courses or lectures, develop your brain, meet interesting people!
  4. Surround yourself with real friends. Changing your life for the better turns out to be much more effective if you have a strong backup, helping you overcome difficulties and motivating you in difficult times.
  5. Travel. New experiences are the best teachers.

Remember, if you want to change your life, you have to constantly overcome your fears. 

Does it feel scary and like you’re rushing at high speed into the unknown? You are on the right track. 


#8 Accept your flaws

When you learn to accept your flaws, you will feel more compassion and love for yourself. 

Knowing that you will never be perfect, you will never look a certain way and you will never fully love everything about yourself. 

By accepting, you learn to love what you cannot change. 

You feel good enough and know your worth instead of looking at yourself through the eyes of others.

When you learn to accept your shortcomings, you will learn to be happy with who you are now until you get where you want to be. 

You will not compare yourself to those in front of you. 

When you learn to accept your flaws, you will attract people who also accept them. People who won’t make you feel like you need to change what you are. People who love you and accept you for who you are. 

You will no longer live questioning whether you are good enough for others – because you will be good enough for yourself. And that’s all that matters.

The beauty of learning to accept your flaws is that it eliminates the pressure. You no longer have to impress someone or compare yourself to others.

When you accept your flaws, only then you will realize your full potential and strength.


Swimming in the Unknown…

How to Start a New Life

A new life, even if you wish for it, can be scary. 

Change is always scary. 

It is why it is important not to look back. You are doing all this to become what you wanted to be – isn’t that worthy of all your efforts?

Everyone dreams of a comfort zone, but sometimes it’s not enough to just “go with a flow” and wait for things to happen. 

You need to stop every now and then, and ask yourself is this where you want to be.

If not – now you know that creating a new life is not impossible!

With desire, a full heart and a little patience, you are able to transform your life in a way you never thought was possible.

And it is a change that comes from within, no outer factors can influence it. 

It is you and it has always been you.