Many times, due to work or study circumstances, we must stay awake at night. Although it is not a recommended practice, if you are going to do it, it is important that you take into account some factors.

While staying awake all night is not a recommended practice, sometimes the circumstances of work or academic life force us to do so. Upon arrival, it is important that you learn how to maintain your productivity levels, affecting your health status as little as possible.


1. Eat healthily

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Eat healthy foods instead of high-carbohydrate foods. They can cause you to lose sugar and make you sleepy. Fruits, vegetables, and nuts will help you stay energized.

Choosing the foods you consume when you have to beat fatigue is very important. If your body doesn’t have enough sugar you will feel exhausted. But if you take a copious meal you will also suffer this unwanted effect.

What science recommends in these cases is to eat foods with high fiber content, quality proteins or good fats. Eggs, avocado, peanut butter, celery or carrots are excellent for fighting fatigue. In addition, since fatigue is often associated with an iron deficiency, spinach or lentils are sources of iron are also highly recommended, especially combined with sources of vitamin C.



2. Drink water

Water is fundamental to the proper functioning of our organism and, if you did not know it, it has a very important role in our energy level. Dehydration can cause fatigue, confusion, heart palpitations and fainting, so drinking regularly will help keep you awake and alert.

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3. Drink coffee or energy drinks

How to Stay Awake All Night

Caffeine will help you stay alert and awake throughout the night. If you do not like coffee, you can try energy drinks that contain caffeine, taurine, and ginseng. If you do, be very careful not to exceed the amounts to avoid suffering an upset stomach.



4. Take a caffeine supplement

Caffeine is not found only in coffee. You can try to consume it in the form of sweets and pills to avoid drinking a lot of liquid. These products are usually found in pharmacies.

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5. Stretch yourself

How to Stay Awake All Night

Perform stretching exercises at night to keep blood flowing. In addition, exercise generates endorphins that will give you energy. Try to stretch yourself five minutes every hour.
Stretching your legs will allow you to activate circulation, exposing yourself to sunlight will fill you with energy and you will be able to clear your mind and improve your mood.
Also, if fatigue is about to beat you, it is recommended that you do a little more physical activity, such as walking fast or jogging. According to one study, during peak levels of drowsiness, subjective fatigue is partially relieved by the endorphins that occur with exercise.



6. Do not stay at home

If you have trouble concentrating, go to a place that is not your home. Maybe you can go to a cafe with a night schedule or have permission to stay in the office working during the night.

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7. Stay away from the bedroom

How to Stay Awake All Night

If you have no choice but to stay at home, stay away from the bedroom as it can associates you with sleep and will make you feel more tired. Additionally, near the bed, you will fall into the temptation to lie down and then fall asleep.



8. Listen to some music

Sometimes it is very difficult not to fall asleep with the silence of the night. If this is your case, listen to some background music to stay awake.
Music causes to release chemical substances in our brain that makes us feel good. So, it is advisable to listen to the songs when we feel tired. Some studies with drowsy drivers show that loud music can help us be alert. And the more varied the songs are, the more stimulating their reproduction is.

If despite all these tricks to keep you awake without coffee you can not beat the dream, it is best to rest a little and take a nap. Sleeping between 5 and 25 minutes from 6 to 7 hours before going to bed will help you recharge your batteries and feel much better. According to a 2015 study carried out by the University of California, if you have time, the best alternative to recharge batteries is to take a nap.

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