There are more cliches about introverts nowadays than truth. Even despite the fact, we are living in such an open society, where tons of new information and investigations appear every day, we still believe introverts are entirely anti-social, shy, afraid of going outside and being home-plants, not people. Therefore, it might be a big surprise, which introverts are also very interested in going places or might even dream of big travel around the world. But the fact is, introverts do function very well with meeting new people, visiting strange distant places and being around a group of traveling people. They might just need time from themselves here and there, to renew the energy they lose while being around the group of people.

Probably, the other important thing that differs an introverted person from extraverted is the amount of arising concerns before starting a journey. No matter how s/he decided to travel – with a company of friends and family or solo – the preparation phase may suck such a person dry. Not because they are lousy or unable to plan. Instead, those people tend to have some plans ‘B’ to each possible situation. We all know it is nearly impossible. Therefore we see how many introverts stay where they are, for sometimes they are simply afraid of missing something essential. Let’s go through some of the most popular concerns, as we are aimed to wash them away for good.


Traveling with a Group of People

How To Stop Being Afraid Of Traveling If You're An Introvert

Planning a trip with other people is undoubtedly a giant time-consuming issue. If you are not the one who loves all the organizational stuff, it is not a reason to cancel the trip itself. There is always somebody in the group who’d like to take the responsibility to plan the budget, route, meals and all kinds of entertainment for your long way. You don’t need to take the lead in that part if it would make you feel anyhow uncomfortable. Still, you’d need to think of some needed preparations for yourself.


Make sure you are planning the trip with the right people

By this statement, I mean people, who would be perfectly fine with your downtime to stay alone. They should not be offended by the fact you might need some activities or ‘lazy days’ on your own to renew the energy level. This is an essential part of you, do not try to hide or ignore this fact, for it may spoil a trip for you and your mates.


Make sure you’ll always have a place to ‘hide.’

stop being afraid of traveling

When arranging the trip, make sure you’ll always have the key to the room if you’d suddenly feel the need to go back, while your mates stay out. The other possible variant is booking a separate room in hotels you plan to stay in. This will keep the group together, but you’ll have the chance to have time on your own when needed.

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Plan specific group activities

Those can not only be parties with loads of new people your mates might enjoy that much. There are loads of ways of being together without actually interacting, but still, have a great time. Visit shows, movies, and theatres. Those are places where you can feel comfortable around other people and not lose too much energy.


Do the museums part!

A museum is a perfect place for both: introverts and extroverts. You may silently talk and walk in the group or use the option to wander around on your own through the exhibition.


Traveling on your own

How To Stop Being Afraid Of Traveling If You're An Introvert

Traveling alone might sound terrifying, for there are so many threads in this world! You might be robbed, killed, while you are sleeping on a train, get lost and eaten by wild animals. Well, let’s face the truth. It is highly unlikely something that bad will happen. Let it go. The world is full of kind and generous people, so you’ll always get through in a desperate situation. But surely cannot start off without a good plan.


Take care of your safety

Yes, you most probably won’t be killed, but somebody might steal your money in a public place. Keep your savings split in different pockets, so you’ll lose only part of them in that case. Also stay away from suspiciously friendly people. It is always better to trust your gut.


Make a plan

Include all the things you want and might need, like staying alone in a hotel room along with making new friends via Couchsurfing or elsewhere.

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Prepare some ‘emergency entertainment.’

traveling solo as an introvert

It might be a book, an iPad or a smartphone loaded up with music. In case you feel bored in a line or at the bus station, you’ll have something to keep your pleasant mood up.


Be confident

Travelling alone is not making you an anti-social fraud. It’s an excellent time you can spend enjoying your thoughts and views or, in a sudden change of mood, you are always free to look for a company. Luckily, Internet has enabled the simple way for it.

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Bottom Line

Travelling is always a precious experience that’ll stay with you for your whole life. Do not omit any chance to go places. Make a basic plan and open yourself to adventures. Have a sparkling time with friends or even by your own!


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