How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Facebook. You have to stop scrolling those pictures and thinking, “I wish I looked this good.” Or “I wish I had gone there.” The one reason that Facebook is so popular is because people are so mad over comparisons. They idealize someone else’s life and forget living their own. Sometimes, just by looking at the pictures we figure that they have it all, although, the situation might be a lot different. Pictures never tell a complete story and thus, you shouldn’t judge anyone by the looks of it, just as you need not judge a book by its covers. Sometimes, the simple covers have a complicated story.

Here is why you must stop comparing your life to others:


Realize that this way you will never win.

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Don’t you ever want to feel the joy of success? Don’t you ever want to see yourself win against all odds? If you do comparisons, you will never get past the feeling that you aren’t winning. You will always find yourself to be less fortunate and will keep cribbing about what you do not have. It’s time to stop thinking about someone else’s life and think about your own. Realize how far you have come from where you began and it would put your life in perspective.


Redirect the comparison to your past.

The mind needs to know where we fit in the world, so it’s better to plan your own life instead of looking at others. Recognize your own talents which you had in the past and work on them instead. Figure out how your past was, how your present is different from it and what you can do to make your future even better. It’s the only way for growth. Stop the minute you find yourself comparing to others and look the other way.

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Comparisons require metrics.

Doesn’t it? It’s a mathematical term and we can never compare two people and two things. It can never be measured and all the illusions exist only in your mind. What you do in life or how worthwhile your life is, can never be compared to anyone else’s. So why would you want to waste your precious time on it? We all have 24hours every day and how we use them is what makes a difference. And, you can never figure out what anyone else does with it.

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You are unique.

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Just like everyone else. You have your own high points and flaws in yourself. You might be good at one thing which others are not. Your talents and your success need not be compared to anyone else. You have no idea if they had put more hard work in their field but are still not the level you reached. You have your own purpose to fill in this life. Find it out instead of wanting to do what someone else is doing, only because it looks good or they achieved success in it.


You have a lot to lose.

You will lose your self-esteem and your dignity in your own eyes (if not in the eyes of the world). You can be affected by someone else’s success so much that you would lose your own drive and passion towards it by feeling like a failure. You will fall down even before you tried your best at it. They get your focus on the wrong person and problems, while you should be focusing on your own life and how to make it better.

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They lead to resentment.

You can start forming a distance with others if you feel that they are achieving something that you aren’t able to. You wouldn’t enjoy talking to them anymore because of feeling like a loser. In fact, worse than it, you might start resenting yourself. It will deprive you of all the joys that you can have by being you. You have a unique personality and you need not be like anyone else.

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Be more appreciative.

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Instead of being self-critical, start appreciating yourself for the little success that you have in life. Start focusing on the greater things in life, like love and humility instead of running towards something that can be compared. The desire to have the good qualities in you and develop the skills which you need for your goals. Have a lot of gratitude towards yourself and the world around you as that my friend, cannot be compared.

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