There comes a phase in everyone’s life when they start to hate everyone. It is generally when many people you loved or trusted, did awful things to you. Maybe they betrayed you or became indifferent all of a sudden. Other times, while you were willing to make every sacrifice for them, they turned out to be selfish and simply, “used” you. Turning into an “anti-social” human being is bit obvious and understandable then, despite the fact that we cannot live that way happily because we are “social animals” indeed, right?

When negative emotions invade you, it is time to pause and take a deep breath. It might not be easy, but there are ways you can stop saying “I hate people.”


Recover From the Grief

How to Stop Hating EveryoneWe start hating humans when we have been through a “shocking” learning experience of how the world can be cruel. But, it is necessary to allow yourself recover from that shock, instead of jumping to vivid conclusions that no one will be any good to you. People come in our lives to teach us lessons at different stages; it is true that they should not be easily trusted, but it does not mean that no one can be. Some people might be inconsiderate but not all.


You Cannot Really “Know” People

In life, there are many time when you think your judgment for a person is correct. But, the fact is no matter how long you are with someone, you might not know them thoroughly. Getting to know someone is a life-long process, otherwise, why would break-ups happen even after 20 years of marriage? People change with time, so would you and because of different cultures and generations, you can never get the idea how a person is or “why” they have a “particular” mindset or “why” they ended up hurting you the way they did.

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Human Beings Cannot Help Their Limitations

How to Stop Hating Everyone

We all have unrealistic notions and wonder why someone acted inexcusably. We believe that they might be having a potential to know better, but at times, it is easier to accept that they “just don’t get it.” Blame it on their upbringing or whatever they would have been through, but accept that they lack empathy and self-awareness. Not everyone is going to be as clueless as they are. In short, when you wonder how someone could be “evil,” you are actually dealing with a person who lacks mature awareness that is essentially juvenile in nature.


Improve How You Deal With People

Learn how to bring out the best in people. No, you do not have to teach them anything but you on your own must set the minimal expectation from them. Because we all very well know why we are heart broken in the end, and that is Higher Expectations! Thus, it is necessary not to expect much from anyone and ignore all the things you dislike about them. This will turn you into seeing their positive side, more than the negative. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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Anger Has A Tendency To Generalize

How to Stop Hating Everyone

When traumatic incidents occur, it is an understandable reaction not to be closer to anyone else, but it is because your anger has not been weighed properly. You need to balance it out as life does not run well based on anger. You must not blame random strangers for what someone else did to you. Do not be mean or rude to just anyone as you “think” they would also be the same. Like girls say, “All men are same, and you would be too.” Well, guys can understand how cruel that is, right?


Observe Humans in a Detached Way

When you hate them, you give them unnecessary power over your life. Hate is an extreme expression and you might. Not like the person but it takes a lot of negative emotion to hating someone. So why ruin your peace of mind, when you can just be simply detached from them? Observe their nature calmly before making any prior judgment. It would make you look closer at them, removing all the negative barriers in your mind.

Like they say, “A cat has no choice but to behave in the way it does.” So why hate people for the short-comings they have? They were built that way, and we all have our own set of flaws which we can’t get away with. Do you know “haters” could actually lack self-love? So why not start with loving yourself first, before hating everyone else?

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