In life, a person can never be happy if they don’t like themselves. Just as we are never happy with people we don’t like, how are we supposed to live happily in our own company? The truth is, we shouldn’t depend on anyone else for our happiness but instead should love our own little flaws, as they make us unique. Self-loathing is present in many people and it does more harm than you believe. It would be tough to get out of this sickening habit, but it isn’t impossible. With love and support of people around you, you can develop a good frame of mind towards yourself and it would definitely enrich your life. Here is what you could do:


Don’t try to be perfect.

How to Stop Hating Yourself

Perfectionism might seem ultimate but no one can ever be perfect. The more you try to be, the more you would have a negative perspective of yourself. Sometime we idealize other people and their lives but that doesn’t mean that they have it all. Especially, if you compare yourself to hardcore celebrities, there is no way you could achieve self-appreciation. They may seem flawless on the TV screen or on the newspaper but we only know a 10%of their lifestyle. So, it would be better if you avoid comparing yourself to others and look inside.


There are some triggers

There are different situations or people who cause self-loathing at times and it is necessary to note what is triggering your critical inner voice. If you start learning what behaviors causes this harm, you can adjust better with them. This way you wouldn’t let your mind wander deeply about your flaws and would be able to stop yourself by thinking about something else.

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Have a positive coping mechanism.

How to Stop Hating Yourself

Instead of drinking way too much alcohol when you are depressed, try doing something productive at that time. You would need to push yourself but it would be worth the effort. If you have turned into someone who likes to be all by themselves all the time, go outside and interact with other people. You must go for a walk or start exercising. Instead of having junk food and munching a bag of chips, grab an apple or have other healthy fruits. If you take care of your health, you would boost your self-esteem.


Talk to yourself in the mirror.

And of course, that conversation needs to be positive. Tell yourself that you look good or that you have the control over your life and nothing can stop you from doing what you want to do. Say to yourself that you are intelligent and a generous person (unless you know that you aren’t, in which case you must develop a kind heart, alright?)

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Take good care of yourself.

How to Stop Hating Yourself

Be it physical or mental health, you should take initiatives to take care of it. Start meditation and go for a run daily. It would rejuvenate you. You can also challenge yourself to complete new physical goals, for example having a 9 mile run or the next day, a 10 mile run. Find an activity that you enjoy instead of torturing yourself to go to gym. You could instead play a game of basketball or football, if you don’t like running all by yourself. If you start enjoying your life, you would create a healthy body image.


Wear whatever you want.

Wear what you feel confident in. Wear what makes you think that you look good. Even if you are having a bad day, if you dress sharply it would cheer you up. Wear bright clothes and don’t care about what other people think of your clothing. Dress the way you want to.

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Stay around positive people.

How to Stop Hating Yourself

More often than not, it’s the people we are living around with who make a difference to our thoughts. If your friends are critical about you or keep cracking jokes on you, it’s better to stay away from them and find a better company. Surround yourself with people who support you or who you have interesting conversations with. Life isn’t about being with those who are good enough; it’s about being with those who make you feel wonderful about yourself.

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