How to Stop Procrastinating

How to Stop Procrastinating

You know you should be looking for a raise, to propose, to begin to write a book – but not at all. You procrastinate. If you procrastinate so much, you should know that “you are not doing well with your LIFE.”

Delays are not always excusable, especially when they affect or impede your future. So many people postpone several times the action and avoid courageous decisions in their lives. What’s stopping you? The next day is a day wasted. Check our list ‘hustler’ suggestions and prepared to fulfill your aspirations more unbelievable!


Get up early

wake up earlyDo not waste time. Sleep is essential to your daily routine, but sleeping too much, will not take you anywhere. Roll out of bed before anybody else, take a shower, breakfast, and training. Your day will be more productive!



You probably have many things to do, but that should not be in a chaotic tangle introspection. Just put the paper in the order that best describes your needs. Place the hardest at the top or better to alternate with others that are easier to take stock of their actions. Concentrate all internal forces to carry out the sacred mission first!

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Recovering from mission to mission

recover well before moving to the next project Take time to enjoy your most recent effort or success before moving on to the next. You must realize what you have achieved so far to maintain motivation.


Stay organized

No need to rush into things on the floor and finally, be everywhere, there is no sound in vain. Efficiency should be your final value. Orchestrate your actions and daily tasks to have a smooth transition from one to another. Arrange them in terms of location, duration, the degree of difficulty, and urgency. Keep an easy schedule to read and follow in line with notifications that will keep you on track.

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Set realistic goals

set realistic goals It is “good” to think big” and be a dreamer, but should not leave behind your actual skills and resources. Think both short term and long term. It is pleasant to look at the details and be a perfectionist, but never lose the picture. Focus on your goals, but make sure that there are so many.


Take small risks and test your limits

No need to exaggerate, but you should have an adventurous spirit. Try new things, experiment new things, to push a bit and see your actual skills. It’s all about self-consciousness. There are so many people who do not have a clear view of their potential.

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Keep smiling

keep smiling Keeping a positive attitude towards life will encourage you to do more, overcome adversity and get friends or family on board to support and help you with your dreams. You need to inspire others with your determination, dynamism, and optimism.


Do not Unreasonably delay

Sometimes procrastination, that is very easy, banal, boring or “attainable” in your eyes. Being able to do something that is often misunderstood how to do. As days go by, you still think you can get away with it, at any time. Being a ‘bohemian’ sounds attractive, but traditionally gets you into trouble.

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Indecision is a characteristic that prevents personal fulfillment

Put enough thought into your outstanding issues and set your mind at decisions that will serve you better. Talk to yourself, maintain dialogue, and also to develop people’s opinions on a particular topic. Do not avoid your worries and anxieties; just discuss, confront them and make sure you can handle. Analyse all aspects of your life as well as your natural tendency towards things. Cure your insecurities, and work hard to create a strong personality.

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Banish “the Gremlin.”

Don't say NO That little voice that I arise in your head – that dismisses any idea that you have. He tells you things like “I’m not in the mood,” “I do not have time,” “I can not do.” Stop working automatically and replace “should” and “would” with “I want.” You have a choice. Accept your wishes and expel the Gremlin. This use of affirmations can also assist in replacing the Gremlin with positive affirmations.


Being an additional merit is not always ideal

Our culture promotes and rewards the extraordinary effort, but at the same time hides the real implications of regularly go beyond their limits. Sooner or later, the champions “of perfect life” crush down, physically and emotionally, disappointing all the people who invested their super powers! Conducting more responsibility than you can afford, soon lead to slow things which promised. It overestimates your abilities and could not meet deadlines. You have to touch base with reality!

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