How to Take Back Your Life When You’re Feeling Too Busy

How to Take Back Your Life When You’re Feeling Too Busy

I develop a giddy feeling whenever I feel that I am not busy enough. Somehow, that’s the trend these days.

If someone is not busy, a million worse thoughts might come to you which would ruin your day even more. Especially, when there are million people to compare ourselves with, we tend to find an escape in our busy routines. But, in the vicious circle of our daily routine, we don’t realize that we might be missing the point of living our lives.

We are indulged in checking our emails, reading the news, talking to our boss so much, that we forget we are not giving time to things which might make us happy. We are slaves of our routines. We can’t start our day without that cup of coffee or tea and thus, we aren’t able to get back our life, the life that we might like to live.

So, what should we do when we are always feeling that we are too busy? Is there any way out? Well here are a few tips that might give you the control on your own life, soon enough.

How to Take Back Your Life When You’re Feeling Too Busy

Bring out your inner child out in the open.

I know that important tasks require you to be serious. But, remember how life was easy when you were younger? There was no care in the world. As we grew, we realized all the responsibilities and rules that we need to stick with, and the child in us remains quiet. That’s where you go wrong. Even if life is a melodrama, you must give yourself allowance to indulge in childlike joys, when even small things made us happy. Don’t sweep anxieties inside you, but let them out by being playful. Joke about your situations and find solutions for them, or simply move on. Get back in touch with the child inside of you who has so many unfulfilled wishes.


You are going to miss out on something or the other, and that’s alright.

There is always a fear of missing good opportunities, like missing a new work project but you can’t grab on everything that comes your way. It is better to put in all your efforts in the project at hand instead of giving your diverted attention to different things. Multitasking isn’t always a good idea. If you keep wondering about the goals that you missed, you would also be far from achieving goals that you can. There might be million options out there, but you must pick one and stick with the idea of doing your best at it. Don’t be unnecessarily busy by packing all your 24 hours over different things.

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Respect your pace.

How to Take Back Your Life When You’re Feeling Busy You are not a machine, and it would be impossible for you to attain good results if you try to pace up by exhausting yourself. Quality is always more significant than quantity and you cannot work more hours and achieve excellent results. You have to make sure you are putting your brains and sincere efforts into the given task. Just as in school, studying whole night wasn’t good enough if you were already sleepy. Rather, you scored better by devoting a particular time with your fresh mind to a particular subject.


Don’t be busy at bedtime.

Even if at the end of the day, you say to yourself that you had been busy, you should try not taking work to your bed. Instead, spend quality time with your family or friends who you live with. Give time to your hobbies and have some relaxation. If you get your brains worked up in the night, you won’t be able to sleep properly and start fresh the next day. Ditch the devices and read a good book before you sleep and it would keep you healthy and at peace.

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Are you “procrastinating”?

Yes, it is the opposite of procrastination. You tend to pre-plan a million things and try your best to stick to the schedule by tiring yourself to the core. Doing things too early so that you are over with them immediately would also always keep you stuck in your intact life. You need a breathing space. This way, you would neglect the other important things which need to be taken care of, just so you can get rid of that pile of files on your desk.

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