If you find yourself to be somewhat like Rajesh Kutrapali of the hit TV show Big Bang Theory and are always awkward around girls, it’s time to take a lesson. You might hate yourself for being unable to be comfortable while talking to a girl, especially when she is the one you like the most. It suggests that you are not confident about yourself and have some insecurities. But you must realize that these can be overcome, and you can turn into an attractive person if you are intellectual. It’s the personality that girls are wooed by, and all they want is for you to show them some respect.

So here are a few tips which might work when you go ahead and talk to a girl, and it can be done, because, hey, she is just another human!


Be cool when you approach her

How to Talk to Girls

Let the girl notice you for a few minutes before you approach her, this way she would be prepared that you are interested in her. If you catch her off guard, she might not be so interested.

Go to her and just say, “Hey, I’m Sam. What’s your name?” and this can lead to a nice conversation with topics related to how she has been or what she does for a living.

If you have these pretty simple topics in mind, it won’t be so tough to head start a conversation. Even if you are terrified on the inside, don’t let it show to her.



Have a light topic

Just like I suggested, the topics needn’t start with a joke or a pick-up line so that she has your attention because it can ruin your first impression, especially, if she doesn’t like the joke. It will make you feel hell-a-lot awkward if she doesn’t laugh. Also, don’t make the conversation too heavy by talking about your grandmother who recently died. You can have a casual chat about what you did on the weekend, the movie you saw or the dog you have at home.

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Get to know what’s on her mind.

How to Talk to Girls

When you start talking to a girl, her reaction would probably tell you what kind of person she is or if she is even interested in having a conversation with you. If she is shy, you need to have more questions with you so you can help her open up and if she is an extrovert, your stars might just be lucky. But, be aware then, that you end up listening to her properly instead of going with what’s in your mind all the time. Learn if she is easy to talk to and only then, start with the jokes. Otherwise, you might just offend her.



Compliment her.

And the compliment must not be cheeky! Don’t come on too strong at her as it would just scare her away. If she responds to compliment nicely, it’s a sign that you can carry on a healthy conversation but try not to obsess about her good looks and talk about yourself rather than about her dress or her eyes or her smile. It might do you no good! A simple line like “You have a great smile” is enough to open her up to you.

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Make her laugh!

How to Talk to Girls

A man with a sense of humor is the most attractive person for women. If you want a woman hooked on you, you better learn how to make her laugh. All you need to do is poke fun at yourself, your life or once in a while tease her a bit over the things she says. But try to bring it in conversations, it shouldn’t feel like you are forcing yourself to be funny by telling her random jokes from nowhere. And don’t put other people down to make her laugh, as it could be off-putting.

If you have a silly life, you sure can make her laugh.



Don’t show off.

Bragging about you is not going to tell her how “good” man you are but only make her feel that you are boastful, which is a big turn off. For example, you can tell her that you play some sports, but don’t tell her how good you are. You can mention that you are taking a Spanish class, but need not tell her that you scored a hundred in it. If you are mute about your achievements, she might get to know how humble you are and will be attracted to you.

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Keynote, all you need to do is be polite enough and decent enough to let her talk about life comfortably with you. And even if at first, you fail at impressing a girl, don’t worry, there are many others in the line to be disappointed till you find your perfect friend or an ideal girlfriend!

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