What kind of getaway have you planned for this year? Have you run out of savings on summer holidays? It’s no problem, look for paper, pen and write down!

Until today, society has changed a lot. With the rise of low-cost airlines and Internet search, traveling around the world is no longer inaccessible to most mortals, but,  we all like to do at least a couple of breaks a year.

Earlier, traveling was any move away from home, even if it was abroad. Now, for journeys (interior or exterior) of less than four days we call them “getaways” and to the more durable stays “trips.” Thus, everything has changed. Isn’t that true?

Now, let’s divide holiday days throughout the year with the intention of getting a unique “offer” to travel. The Millennial Generation has traveled around the world for less than 35 years, more than the previous five generations together. But how do they do it? It is known that they have their tricks and that, on numerous occasions, have shown that it is possible to travel for free. What tricks do they use?

how to travel for free

Accumulate points

Subscribing to loyalty programs, you can accumulate points in either airlines, train or bus and then will come the day when you can redeem them for a free trip. If you are young, did you know that there are travel agencies and companies that offer free travel if you get more than X friends to participate?




Or the same – swapping sofas. There are experiences of all kinds, but the point is that you don’t spend a penny on accommodation.


Work and travel

Currently, there are many agencies that are in charge of finding accommodation in exchange for a job in the chosen place. But if you decide to do things completely free prepare a good CV and try to do it on your own. For a short trip it will be more difficult, but currently, the network offers exchange platforms for accommodation days in exchange for work, for example on ecological farms.



A classic, carrying the house on your back is an infallible method. You only have to previously investigate those places in which you can mount the camping. Many families offer their gardens. Maybe if they end up being your friends, you can use their bathroom too.




King of the crown for free trips along with camping. You only need to be wise, courageous and daring. In some parts of the world, including the United States, the hitchhiker is a very common and generally safe ritual. In Armenia, for example, this type of practice is very common. Raising the thumb near the road and in the direction where we want to go, is a universal gesture that everyone knows.


Sign up for travel blogs, affiliates, and influencers

Many of them will send you a code, of, for example, € 30 to redeem on booking platforms.



It’s about taking care of a home while the owners are away.


Free tours

Take advantage of the free routes that you can discover in each city.


Show your talent on an entertainment cruise

If you have some kind of talent that can entertain an audience, such as dancing, singing or even magic tricks, you could find some jobs on cruises around the world. Working on a cruise line involves a salary, free accommodation and food, and the possibility of traveling very far.



Become an instructor

If you have sports skills like surfing, rock climbing, skiing or mountain biking, you could get a job abroad as an instructor. In addition, it would be good that you speak several languages. Since most of the tourist agencies depend on their instructors to communicate with many international clients.


Volunteering in hostels or in host families

If you are a backpacker or you are traveling the world for a long period, surely you have stumbled upon some hostel you liked. When this happens to you, it never hurts if they need a volunteer in exchange for free food and lodging. It can be a good way to extend the stay when we are abroad.

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