How To Turn Down A Job Offer The Right Way

How To Turn Down A Job Offer The Right Way

Did you accept a job offer that doesn’t meet your expectations? If yes, then it is time to be completely honest with yourself and inform the company that the job is not of your interest. But the real question that is arising in your mind is – “How can I do this without losing face?”, right?

There are so many ways with whom you can get away from this situation staying well with the human resources department and without violating your professional reputation. In this article, we will tell you how to decline a job offer giving you some tips that we hope will be helpful.


1.  Consider the Pros and Cons

How To Turn Down A Job Offer
How To Turn Down A Job Offer

Before rejecting a job offer, it is important to value what you are proposing and to consider if you are not interested. Many times we can become impulsive when the salary, schedule or tasks that need to be performed are not what we expected. But, many other aspects are worth analyzing and weigh as, for example, if there is an opportunity for growth within the company if the sector is that interests you if there is a chance to increase the salary and so on.

Before hurtling think about the pros and cons, and if you see it necessary, talk to your family and friends because an outside view is always positive and clarified.


2. Reject Politely

Woman Writing Email To Turn Down A Job Offer
How To Turn Down A Job Offer

If the job is not for you, there are different ways you can refuse the job offer. One is to do so in writing by letter or by mail and send it to contact human resources which have maintained the selection process. This paper should be very warm in which you thank them for the opportunity but honestly explaining why you are not interested in the job. Above all, it is essential to be polite and always show a professional attitude for not turning doors.

You can also reject a job offer on the phone, talking slowly with the person responsible for the selection process and listing the reasons why you are not going to accept the position. Before you take this call, we recommend that you make a scheme so that during the conversation you do not go around the bush and say things that are not appropriate and you did not want to say.

Being honest is good, but do not forget that the bottom line is that you are grateful and cordial, that is, instead of saying “cause you pay terribly” is more appropriate to say something like “The proposed salary does not meet my expectations, I’m sorry.” Frank but polite, that’s the trick.


3. Get into a Face-to-face conversation

How To Turn Down A Job Offer The Right Way
How To Turn Down A Job Offer

But, without a doubt, the best way to reject a job offer is in person. Direct communication is much more humane, clear and friendly than any other. Here you can clearly state your reasons and, if necessary, you can negotiate. Who knows? Maybe they are willing to make some changes you propose them and eventually the job can interest you. People understand the best when you speak in person, and the job is a relationship between employer and employee, so communication is essential to the understanding of both parties.

Similarly, although not willing to negotiate face to face is always the best way to create empathy, to understand your motives and be able to refuse this offer but getting the curriculum for other vacancies that meet your expectations. On the job front, you should never close the doors and always try to show your face more responsible and professional.


In short, to refuse work we give a few tips to help you do it the best way possible:

  • Above all, before saying “no” to a job we recommend that values the terms you propose and think of the long term, do not focus only on what they are offering you in the first instance.
  • When you are going to reject the job, the first thing you have to do is to thank the company for the opportunity they have given you and the trust they have placed in you.
  • When explaining your reasons, tries to be clear, concise and polite. Do not go around the bush or give more explanations than necessary.
  • Show a warm and friendly attitude for not turning your doors to other selection processes that may be more interesting to you. Never challenge or attack directly to the company that wants to hire you.


To avoid passing through this bad time in which you have to reject a job we recommend that before applying for any offer, review the conditions, the workplace, inform you well about the enterprise and have clarity about the position you propose. This way, you will get that the interviews that you go, to be productive and that neither you nor the company waste time with jobs that do not matter.

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