How to Write a Good Research Paper

How to Write a Good Research Paper

As we move from school level to university and then to higher studies, we are expected to write long papers and gradually what matters is your research paper, more than anything.

Some people might be well versed in their spoken skills and practically than in writing long papers. Now, for those who are less habitual of writing long papers, this might prove problematic for them in their higher studies. So, in this article we have enlisted certain advice bytes for those people to write a detailed and effective Research paper.

How to write a good research paper

To Begin With

Initial and the foremost action are to read what your instructor has instructed. Read the assignment clearly and analyze it. Pay attention to every word that is given. It might ask you to describe a topic or classify a topic or argue etc. Keep these in mind while writing the paper. If it doesn’t mention any of these and just mentions ‘write a research paper’, your instructor wants you to provide an argument and write for and against it. For further clarity talk to him, inquire so that no mistakes are made and then move ahead. If you are unsure if you can write it all by yourself, you can get research paper help online.

One needs to understand that writing a research paper is a lengthy and tedious task, so now with that being the case, one need to start on the paper as soon as the assignment is received. Starting well in advance would lead to gradual development and would save one from last minute apprehension. It is to be kept in mind that one needs to do well research in order to select and further work on a good topic. For the start, it is also to assess as to what your professor demands of the paper. It is always fruitful to discuss the topic that you have selected with your professor at the very beginning he would give you the exact pros and cons and would help you determine your goals with clarity that will make you start with better understanding of the course to take.  Once, you have decided what to write don’t just rush into spending hours on research, before that sit and analyze the topic and write what all you know about it and then kick off you research.


The Plan

It is advisable that one starts the project well in advance. Time management and discipline are two key traits essential for writing a good long paper. As soon as the topic is decided start you research by searching over net portals, going to libraries and going through books written about or that include your topic. Just start off by writing essays about your paper, without worrying about the start and the end because writing is a gradual process, you will discover new ideas as you move forward in writing. So don’t worry about the course of your writing, eventually everything will fall in perfect place and harmony.

The most essential thing is to write in your own words. Plagiarism in an academic work is highly discouraged. It is like snatching someone’s entire life’s hard earned money and running with a wish to live a productive life. This is what most professors look for in research papers. Whenever you wish to write something that id directly from another text be sure that you out quotation marks to it. Remember, you task is to synthesize and present your on perspective of it and not put forward someone else’s ideas. Yes, it is a tiresome task when write ups in refined language are so handy these days, but your genuine work would fetch you most marks and commendable grades.

When your draft is ready, don’t read it. Yes, don’t read it; instead put it away for some days or some hours (depending on how much time you have). After you’ve been away for a sufficient amount of time read it again and ask yourself:-

Are your essays points centric? That, does each paragraph offers a main point and revolves around and about it? And that have you given ample arguments to support what you want to prove and also against it? Lastly, is there a flow in the reading? Check on all these points and make amendments, if needed, then repeat the same process, do it until you are sure of what you’ve written and finalize it.



Lastly, proofreading is an important process. One needs to sit and give a final reading what one has written. One needs to check on all the typos and grammatical and formatting errors.

Thanks to technology it might be less tiring to find errors but still one need to check them personally.

Read the essay loudly. This might sound hilarious but it proves to be an effective way of proofreading, by this you will find all the erroneous words, awkward sentences and any repetition (if any).

Make sure you essay is in lieu to what your professor expects. Keeping that in mind proofread, look at the research papers last time, feel happy of your hard work of so many days and submit it with a smile.

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