I hate my life” is a sadly common internal expression against whom are struggling people of all ages. But where do they come to these thoughts? These thoughts originate from the negative experiences of early life. The way we see as we grow and attitudes directed towards us confirms how we see ourselves later.

i hate my life

The expression “you are your worst enemy” often contains a great truth. It is a painful reality that of what limits us much in our lives is our feelings of worthlessness and self-hatred. But where do they come to these feelings? How do they affect us? What can we do to live a life free from the harsh attitudes of our inner critic?

Let’s, first of all, summarize what are the most common negative emotions that are affecting us about our life:


Why I Hate My Life?

  • I hate my life for being sad all day and having no desire for anything
  • I hate to always think badly of the people and not to trust anyone
  • I hate that whenever someone does not write me, tell me that cannot stay, or takes longer to answer a text message or answer me shortly… always think that is because of an adverse feeling towards me
  • I hate my life because it is empty
  • I hate my life for not having friends
  • I hate my life because everyone underestimates me
  • I hate when someone gives me lessons, and I tell me what I have to do
  • I hate when I don’t know how to answer to the people who kill my self-confidence
  • I hate my life for not having money so that I can become independent
  • I hate not either having the courage to make it(money)
  • I hate my life when I look in the mirror and not like what I see
  • I hate my life when I see how other people have the life that I want
  • I hate my life for not knowing how to organize myself financially or in my things

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i hate my life

We could go on forever with a thing that a man can hate in his life when he simply is not satisfied with it. But let’s try to devise ways of liking our life just a little bit, and then, with realizing its value, we could try to enjoy it.

Surely you have wondered, during your various life stages, why does something just had to happen to you.

Have you done something wrong, or maybe your bad karma from previous lives has reached you?  Or just maybe you have not learned how to master with life situations, how to be wiser in relationships, business or life in general.

You feel like everyone is happy except you, and that all of them have so quiet lives that to them do not happen life’s failures that often.  It is one of the biggest mistakes.

i hate my life

Do not compare so much your life with a seemingly perfect example, do not think that everything is as it seems!

After all, if that is so, your life is only yours, and you only need to worry about him. Your soul is unique and does not compare it with any other.

Life is one and only and it is precious, do not waste your time in desperation, self-pity, or blaming yourself or someone else for that your life is not what you wanted it to be.

Try to do what few can do when they find themselves in stressful life situations – try to do the best of what you currently have!

This does not mean that it is necessary to surrender, to retreat and satisfy with what you have, be reconciled with the offered and to give up. It simply means that you have to learn to enjoy what you have now while fighting for what you want.

We often consider this life as cruel, serious, tense. We allow that our worries and problems completely darken the sun that should shine every day of our lives. And that’s wrong. It is important only if we know how to have fun while we walk through our lives.

Whether we can do and we want to learn, to find out, to get know, to love… People, situations, circumstances, objects, immovable property just passes through our lives trying to teach us to know better ourselves. With them, the only path leads to the center of our souls.

Because nothing in this world is eternal, and we do not possess anything for forever then we have to follow this:

  1. Do not observe the life with glumness!
  2. Plan the time the best way possible.
  3. Do not include in your plans only obligations, but also enjoyment!
  4. Spend more time with people who inspire you with positive energy.
  5. Never renounce and at any cost, to do what you love the most in your life.
  6. Never give up on your dreams!
  7. Learn that there is not much time for grieving, and grief is nothing but hiding from and fear of a new beginning!
  8. Instead of listening to the opinions of others listen to the own heart.
  9. The power lies in your patience and understanding.
  10. Learn to love the ends because they are nothing but fantastic beginnings.

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The troubles are just lessons and milestones. After all …  Is not that the only point? Learn to love your life just as it is?