I Wish

I Wish

I wish for the peace all around this world,
I wish one day my crush will not ignore me,
I wish my life was not that much lonely,
I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me,
I wish you can see through my eyes where the heaven lies,
I wish I could understand you properly,
I wish you were not that much moody,
I wish one day my eyes will meet yours and everything will stand still,
I wish the pain you give will make me stronger than ever,
I wish we can take silly photographs of each other,
I wish we can read books together,
I wish we can visit all the cafes of our town,
I wish we can travel to unknown far off places,
I wish you never left me,
I wish my heart was not shattered because of you,
I wish my love for you was not that much one-sided,
I wish one day you will take care of me,
I wish my school friends come back in my life,
I wish my school life was never over,
I wish I was never shy to everything,
I wish I can heal all the ill people of this world,
I wish I was not kind because this world is not for kind people,
I wish one day my parents won’t compare me with other kids,
I wish one day my dreams will become reality,
I wish I was your hidden desire,
I wish I was your secret smile,
I wish you were not my biggest catastrophe,

“I wish, not to live”

“Why? You survived, from so many, who died”



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Hi, I'm Caleb. Engineering is my profession but blogging is my passion. Trying to make a difference in this world by my words. You are beautiful. Just a reminder. Jesus above everything!

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