IKEA Life Hack: A Modern Stand-Up Desk

IKEA Life Hack: A Modern Stand-Up Desk

Having had a workspace that was riddled with clutter and not easy to work from, there was a need for some radicle change. Working spaces are crucial to making sure the level of productivity stays, as they affect the efficiency and even the moods to accomplish the tasks at hand. With reference to the fact that some of the functions of the workspaces tend to move, mini actuators are crucial for the optimisation of the same. This means that the movements are precise. IKEA furniture parts are one of the easiest ways that customers can bring to live their dream spaces without having to worry about the amount of money it is going to cost them; mainly because it is safe

A Modern Stand-up Desk

With the IKEA parts, the workspace in question took form with the efficiency and effective costs in mind. Most of the parts were modular and offered quite an incredible functionality level.

Using the DIY approach, the desk had to be comfortable enough to sit at for more than ten hours a day, stand and offer incredible storage. With several tests seated and standing and with the use of the Google Sketchup, there was some progress towards coming up with the right space. This involved quite a number of evaluations especially with levitating the computer space. However with the use of linear actuators, it was easy to make sure that the rocker switch was easy to control. The process of trying to figure out the right actuator was not as easy since the movement needed to be precise and practical. The most important part was that despite the fact that the DIY project ran into some difficulties, it only cost $3616 (U.S dollars).

drawers in a stand up desk

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