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10 Things You Must Try in Your 20s and Cherish Each Moment

things you must try in your twenties

Your twenties are the perfect time to start making our dreams come true. Remember that dream you had about visiting some foreign country? Or that dream about finally being yourself and making a ton of new memories? Yes, these are exactly the kind of dreams that should be realized during the twenties. They are perfect […]


I Wish

I wish

I wish for the peace all around this world, I wish one day my crush will not ignore me, I wish my life was not that much lonely, I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me, I wish you can see through my eyes where the heaven lies, I wish I […]


What My Cancer Has Taught Me And Why I’m No Longer Afraid

What My Cancer Has Taught Me

My Cancer My cancer has been an interesting experience for all involved. I’ve been through 30 rounds of chemotherapy, often having to drop whatever I’m doing just to drive to the hospital to get multiple drugs poured into me through IVs and pills. I’ve hated my cancer (who doesn’t hate cancer?) since I was first […]

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How to Use Writing to Bring to Your Life Inspiration

How to use writing to bring life inspiration

Writing can be a source of relaxation, therapy, a hobby and to others, it’s a way of life. Writing can also be used to inspire and instill a great belief in you and others. How do you achieve this noble cause of inspiring yourself and others along the way? It’s no easy task. It takes […]