Interested in a girl and want to know her more?

Well, there could be times when a girl grabs your attention, and you feel connected with her.  But at the same time, you don’t know how to start the conversation. This is when you need a handful of questions to scratch the surface and see the real side of that person.

The questions below would not only keep both of you engage for long duration but also help you understand the girl better. However, you may ask the follow-up questions, or counterquestion her and let her ensure that you are really interested in knowing her.

So all that you need is sitting with her and making her comfortable so that she doesn’t feel awkward answering you.  

  1. What do you prefer- working hard or working smart?
  2. Is there anything you might regret later if not started soon?
  3. Have you ever been impressed by any act of a stranger?
  4. Have you ever helped someone secretly?
  5. What can you do being a female that you could never do as a male?
  6. What is your idea of having fun with friends?
  7. Which movie character you feel most connected to?
  8. What made you felt déjà vu?
  9. Which place would you love to visit again and again?
  10. What is something you would never be able to do?
  11. What do you want people to stop asking you?
  12. What bring chills down your spine?
  13. What is something you want to become socially acceptable?
  14. Which family tradition you find weirdest?
  15. Which app do you want to use the most on your phone?
  16. How much the looks matter to you?
  17. With whom you are more open- friends, siblings or parents?
  18. What things or acts you want to erase from your past?
  19. What is that thing you have done but will never do it again?
  20. Do you criticize more or praise more?
  21. What do you prefer- straight talks or sarcasm?
  22. Is there anyone with whom you want to switch your life?
  23. What will you do first if win a jackpot?
  24. Made any tick in your bucket list till now?
  25. Have you ever broken someone’s trust?

So these are some of the questions which could give you a good insight into the girl and her musings. From knowing about her friends and family to getting a little sneak-peek into her likes and dislikes, answers to these questions would clear a lot of things. You may either end up getting impressed or indifferent.

So, go ahead. It’s time to unfold the mystery.