International Men’s Day: The Lugubrious State Of Men

International Men’s Day: The Lugubrious State Of Men

Just because someone is under the spotlight doesn’t mean they deserve every bit of attention. The little boy cried after losing a football match, and her mom yelled: “Don’t cry you’re not a girl.” Yes, he is not a girl, but the boy does have the same heart, eyes, and emotions.

Men are like a sole warrior in our society. Nobody hears or likes to listen to their outcry.

Most men do not like to share emotions and want to figure out things on their own. The problem is that even when the men reach out for help, they get shouted down by everyone around them. Even their own family don’t support them in some cases.

If the man is depressed or has a mental issue, he won’t ask for help because the society will see him as “weak.” And then people wonder why do man commit more suicides than a woman. (source)

Boys are told from the start that their primary purpose in this world is to earn money and provide for a woman or be a loser. They have this constant pressure inside their head every single day. It’s okay for a woman if they ain’t earning, society won’t yell at them.

A woman is successful if she secures a rich man. A man is seen as money hungry if he marries a wealthy woman. What the F is wrong in our society?

If you talk about Dowry or Domestic Violence, every single law is with a woman and against men. I respect every woman, but men are being tormented and humiliated due to these laws. 53.2% of the rape cases filed between April 2013 and July 2014 in Delhi were found to be ‘false.’ Men are being accused of things they haven’t done.

If men shout at a woman, it’s a violation, but when a woman yells at men, it’s okay. Men have learned to be okay with the things that they are not okay with.

People are accused of molestation because of bus brake or crowd. Men are being accused of rape because their relationship has turned unpleasant. Injustice to men in the name of justice to a woman is a joke. Misusing power is not a good idea to ruin someone’s life.

I implore everyone we all are human. Not every man is wrong, nor every woman is right. This has to be stopped, please stand up for equality, not discrimination.

We are not against anyone, we are merely giving voice to the unheard voices.

Happy International Men’s Day!

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