You’ve probably realized by now that adulting is hard! Transitions are some of the most pivotal, but difficult moments of life. One of the biggest of these is becoming a fully-independent, functioning adult. With basically every aspect of your life now in your own hands, it may be overwhelming to figure out where to start when making these important decisions.

Here are some essential issues that you’ll have to conquer during your journey:

1. Getting a job

Adulting: 8 Scary Issues to Overcome for Winning at Life

One of the first signs of adulting is getting and holding down a job. Not only do you have a source of income, but using those funds to take care of yourself creates a real sense of accomplishment. However, finding a job, especially in this slowly growing economy, isn’t the easiest thing to do — you need to start figuring out your personal brand.

One of the best ways to begin building your brand is with a stellar resume and cover letter. It’s important to learn how to craft a standout resume early on in your professional life and aim high because studies show that your first 10 years in the labor market likely determine your lifetime earning potential. By learning even the slightest amount about how to really make a job application, you can land employment you thought was unachievable, and set yourself up for a comfortable life and retirement.

For instance, if you weren’t aware that companies are now employing robotic Applicant Tracking Systems to automatically determine your “fitness” for a job based on the content of your resume, it’s possible that your application would never even reach human eyes. Armed with that kind of knowledge, you can get yourself one step closer to scoring an interview and that dream job.


2. Finding a place to live

Moving out of your parents’ house is one of the ultimate shows of independence. Despite all of the complicated steps associated with renting, most people who are just starting their adulting adventure are probably not well-off enough to purchase a space, so renting an apartment is probably your best bet.

However, when looking for a place to live, there are a lot of factors to consider, such as your budget, the physical features of the space, whether you’re renting short or long term, and what the community is like. Therefore, before settling, create a list of your must-haves and consult resources that have listings that contain all the information you need so that you’re not missing out on some hidden gem.

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3. Getting Organized

Adulting: 8 Scary Issues to Overcome for Winning at Life

A huge part of adulting is taking responsibility for your actions and planning for your future. However, do you often find yourself missing appointments or unable to keep track of your life? With business and social entanglements beginning to clog up your schedule, no sane human can be expected to hold all that information in his or her head.

This is where turning to organizational tools can be a lifesaver. Whether you go for a physical planner or a personal planner app, maintaining the habit of using such resources will help you picture what you need to do and plan ahead, whether it’s through calendars, to-do lists, or programmable reminders. With this much help, getting your life straightened out will be easier than ever!


4. Managing your finances

Now that you’re starting to earn your own money, you’re going to have to learn how to manage it so that you don’t accidentally waste all your funds. If you’ve never set a budget for yourself or kept tabs on multiple payments, such as student loans, phone, and insurance bills, overseeing your finances seems like a huge hassle.

However, considering that you need money to pay for basically everything you come in contact in your daily life, making sure your finances check out isn’t a problem you can just run away from. If you have any debt, you need to find a way to get yourself out of debt so that you can give yourself some peace of mind before you start planning for your life to come.

Part of adulting is investing in your future, and so keeping an eye on the state of your finances so you’re not overspending your budget is an important first step. This helps you plan for the future and makes sure you’re making smart decisions with your hard-earned coin.

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5. Starting good habits and kicking bad ones

Adulting: 8 Scary Issues to Overcome for Winning at Life

A good way to embark on the next step of your life is to revamp your goals and set new ones. When transitioning into adulthood, you need to identify productive behaviors and get rid of the ones that are holding you back. However, some things are easier said than done, and if you’re anything like me, you might need some serious refocusing to stick to your objective.

Recognizing your bad habits and what you’re still lacking, often requires introspection and real talk with yourself. What are you aiming for and what behavior will facilitate that? Once you work that out, you can motivate yourself by keeping track of and rewarding positive behaviors, so you can gradually build a routine that will help you handle adulthood responsibly. If you need a virtual push, check out habit monitoring apps that can send you reminders and rewards for sticking to your goals.


6. Finding what you want for your personal life

An important aspect of leading a self-actualized life is figuring out what you want for your personal life. If you’re currently in a relationship, are you happy in it? Are you and your partner on the same page with what you both want? If you’re not in a relationship, are you looking for something committed or more casual? What are your relationship deal breakers? Do you even want to even be in a relationship?

While you may want to try to figure out your personal life on your own by asking yourself these tough questions, getting a second opinion is usually better in order to gain some previously unthought of perspectives. Going to friends is a good option since they may have some passing familiarity with you and your partner (if you have one). However, if the issues you have are too personal, asking an objective third party professional can get you on the path of figuring things out with minimal embarrassment. Once you’ve built up your support system, you will be able to find happiness that’s right for you.

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7. Setting a healthy sleep schedule

Adulting: 8 Scary Issues to Overcome for Winning at Life

When you’re adulting, you need to have the energy to face the challenges of the day. However, if you’ve been suffering from bad sleeping habits that keep you from getting a healthy amount of sleep, you need to find a way to recharge. Although the body can run on less, the quantity and quality of your sleep affect your productivity. Therefore, if you don’t prioritize sleep, you could be getting in the way of your own success.

If you’re unsure about how to improve your sleep, there is plenty of research on how to change your sleep habits. However, if you feel your resolve failing, there are also alarm clock apps specifically for rectifying your sleep by tracking the quality and quantity of sleep, waking you at the appropriate stage of your sleep cycle, and determining whether or not you snore. Once you’ve regulated your sleep schedule and are well-rested and happy, you’ll be ready to seize the day.


8. Taking care of yourself

Looking after your mental health is just as important as attending to your physical health. That means not being afraid of cutting yourself some slack and programming time to yourself in your schedule, despite how busy life can get.

One way to improve the state of both body and mind is through meditation. Not only can it help you deal with stress and emotions, but meditation helps you cope with certain mental illnesses and has many other physical health benefits by clearing and refocusing your mind. Since adulting is a time where you may harbor anxieties about life, using meditation to practice mindfulness allows your brain and body to recharge so that you can stay happy and healthy.

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In short

Adulting: 8 Scary Issues to Overcome for Winning at Life

Adulting is a period of life that is a mixture of excitement and unease. Although it feels like there is a world of opportunity suddenly opened up to you, it’s not always clear how you should deal with the challenges that also come up. Hopefully, armed with the advice here, you’ll be able to breeze past this milestone of life and thrive.