Experiencing a failure is never a pleasant thing. For most of our lives, we have been taught that failure is unacceptable or undesirable. It is a sign we didn’t try hard enough or we aren’t good enough. The same thing applies to business – we didn’t have enough skill and we weren’t capable of dealing with challenges, which leads to the conclusion that we’re just not made for having a business of our own.

However, a lot of great people, mostly inventors and scientists, talked about the notion of failure as an opportunity to evolve and improve. Failure is never the end – it’s a chance to learn. If you experience a failure recently, you need to become aware of what you can learn from it and be better next time.


1. Failure helps you conquer the fear of future failure

4 Reasons Why It's Essential To Fail In Order To Succeed

We are all afraid of the unknown. Failure brings that feeling of the unknown when you don’t know what to expect if your plan doesn’t go through. But here’s the secret – once you have failed, you’ll have to pick yourself up because that’s what we’re all expected to do. And when you do that, you’ll realize there wasn’t anything to be afraid of – the failure wasn’t so terrifying when you actually confronted it.

So, if you’re going to fail, it’s better to fail sooner than later – it will show you that you can recover from that, which means that each time you take a risk again, you’ll know what to expect and you won’t feel the fear of failing.

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2. Failure makes us better

4 Reasons Why It's Essential To Fail In Order To Succeed

It’s pretty naive to expect a huge success the first time you try something. If everything goes your way from the start, it means that you are not doing the best you can. What does that actually mean? Well, think of some of the largest multi-billion dollar companies – did any of those companies reached their goal at the very first try? No. Take Bill Gates, for example – his first company was a huge flop. And that was after he had dropped out of Harvard. Still, he didn’t give up – he learned from his mistakes and he did his best next time, strengthen with the new experience. That’s how he was one step ahead of his competitors and created a company that is a symbol of success today. the message here is – if you’re not failing, it means that you’re not trying hard enough!

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3. Failure is how you discover what you really want

4 Reasons Why It's Essential To Fail In Order To Succeed

Another great thing about failing is that after that everything becomes much clearer. This is the point where you have to choose between two roads. One possibility is to completely give up on the idea because you realized the failure didn’t bother you that much – which means your heart isn’t really in it, so it’s better to forget the whole idea and move on.

The other road is deciding to keep on trying – if you failed, got stressed about it and recovered, but you still feel the desire to try and succeed, this where you need to decide on some changes. For example, if your company experienced bankruptcy or you found yourself in too much of a debt, it’s an opportunity to come to a decision – will you give up on the idea of having your own company or, as it’s often said in Dean Willcocks, do you want to change your focus to a slightly different area of expertise and still be able to use what you have learned from the failure? Another way of continuing the fight is to try the same thing as before, but now you’ll be much richer regarding your experience because your mistakes are your lessons that you’ve learned.

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4. Failure builds up the strength in you

4 Reasons Why It's Essential To Fail In Order To Succeed

Experiencing a failure and then picking ourselves up definitely means that we have become stronger. Recovering from a bad breakup or from leaving a job is a sign of a strong-willed person who can overcome challenges life throws at them. Every time we find a way of dealing successfully with a difficult issue means we become that much stronger. This is a skill that is greatly needed in every aspect of our lives. So, next time you fail – just remind yourself you are about to get out stronger from it.

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