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Jaspreet Benipal is an online celebrity who has created an avalanche of following on Instagram. He is a synonym for inspiration. Jaspreet wants to be a difference maker in the world.

Born in Ludhiana, Jaspreet had a tough childhood as his brother suffers from “Down Syndrome.” Jaspreet looked at the world through a different lens due to his brother’s disorder. He became mature with lots of responsibility on his shoulder. His brother is a source of inspiration for him. In fact, his Instagram page “JS Pinder” is named after his brother. A fitting tribute to his brother.

Jaspreet Benipal

His videos on the Instagram can awaken your broken soul. He started this page for a good cause, and now he wants to help people all around the world to live a better life.

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Motivating and impacting others seems to be tattooed in his soul. During his school days, he used to connect with every kid in the class. He used to talk to every individual and hear their story. Even in his college days, Jaspreet used to socialize with every student. He had this intuitive feeling that people’s life is dissimilar with the look on their face. When they go home, they may have a complete divergent life. This thought sparks something in Jaspreet, and he started observing people and how they look at life.

In his interview with LifeHacks, he said: “people only want to talk to popular kids, the one who is into the party and people who has materialistic stuff.” But nobody wants to be a friend of a brown face, fatty or poor ones. These individuals are left out. And it’s not the fault of the children, it is their parents’ fault because they are the ones who taught them this wrong and heinous thinking.

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Jaspreet Benipal

Jaspreet is a person of excellence, and he loves to talk to people that are ignored by the society. He wants to get out of the mold and change the world with his thought-provoking vision.

Failure is like a milestone for Jaspreet Benipal. I swear most of us are afraid of the word failure. He helps people to comprehend, if you want to be successful you need to understand the first chapter that you’re going to open for success is a failure. Failure is a lure to success.

Jaspreet Benipal

No one is perfect we all know this. An individual is not going to try something, and then everything magically falls in its place. Everyone fails from the like of Thomas Alva Edison to Abraham Lincoln. The greatest leaders and achievers have failed 10,000 more times than most people try. They know that failure is the secret to achieving their dreams.

If you learn from your mistake, the definition of failure will change too. Failure is a message that’s telling you what to do. Most people don’t live the life which they dream of simply because they are afraid to fail.

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Jaspreet inspires people to propel away from failure.

Accept failure but don’t expect failure.

Don’t let these little failures define you and hold you back. People will judge you if you follow an extraordinary path.

Jaspreet Benipal

In his beautiful journey, he started with few likes and followers. Day by day it kept on growing. People only see success and money, but they don’t know how many sleepless nights and efforts an individual put to reach that pinnacle.

Jaspreet doesn’t want to have thousands of dollars in his bank account when he dies. Instead, he would be proud to influence thousands of lives before he dies. He would be happy as his words will remain in the world even without him.

Help someone out before they’re successful and they will remember you for the rest of their life.



0:27 Who is Jaspreet and what should we know about you?

02:40 What kind of student were you in your school days?

07:33 How do you handle failures in your life?

16:40 Why are relationships in today’s modern world barely working?

23:27 What if a guy gives his 100% to a girl and the girl doesn’t love back. Who’s fault is it in such scenarios?

24:33 What motivates you?

27:46 How difficult is it to follow your passion?

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