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“Out of difficulties, grow miracles.”

The story of Julie Wilkes will make you believe that the world of miracle does exist and happiness awaits all. When life gets tough, only a few have the capability to survive the adversities. However, if you stop believing in yourself and maintain distance from hardships things don’t take much time to get worse.

The story is about Julie Wilkes who fought against all the odds life has bestowed on her only to emerge out as a stronger human being. Her positive attitude towards the life and willpower to combat the sufferings has made her an inspiration for all. Today Julie Wilkes is an established author (The 7 Life Miracles), entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. She is the founder of Seven Studios which is a fitness, yoga and coaching studio that is dedicated to uplift people, and provide them with a medium to explore the world of fitness and yoga.

Julie Wilkes

Julie was born with a defective heart. Doctors told that her lifespan would not be more than eight years. As per the doctors, her small and sick heart will not let her survive for longer. However, they observed whenever her mom was near, the heart responded brilliantly. Gradually she starts to flourish, and her heart also started showing the signs of improvement.

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When Julie was 3, she used to see a dream repeatedly of running in a grassy field towards the sun. It leads her to a big white library encompassing only white books. Every time Julie goes to a particular book and review one specific page. As soon Julie wakes she would remember everything except the page. This continues for years.

Julie Wilkes

When she turned 8, her 5th-grade gym teacher sowed the seeds of belief and faith in her. While doctors told that she could only perform light activities, with the help of her gym teacher she used to run like a pro. Within no time she mends her sick heart which gets healed miraculously. She was 12 when doctors got baffled seeing the condition of her heart. It was a medical miracle, and her heart was improving with every passing day.

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When Julie turned 18, she had to undergo a surgery in which her heart stopped working for several minutes. This is when she saw the same dream. However, when she gained the consciousness, she was finally able to remember what was on the page. There was a Life Map showcasing the ups and downs of life. It made her understand that we always have different routes to reach our destiny.

Julie Wilkes

Julie’s Life Map applies to all. Julie believes that each of our souls commit to a map before we are born and this map outlines our life purpose and the challenges and learnings we will have. We visit it in our dreams when we feel lost in our life and get a new direction. If you ever feel lost, off-track, lack confidence, and take the wrong step, you always learn something. You need to count your failures as your experiences and learn from them.  It is the only way to reach your destiny fruitfully. All that you need is to focus and try re-routing your path to success to overcome the adversities and fight against them.

At one point in her life, Julie wanted to expand her business, she took part in a business plan competition led by the local city council and local small business development. When Julie proposed her plan of Yoga, Fitness, and life coaching to the local city councilor, she got a positive response. Her plan got approved but with the clause of opening it in the outskirts of Downtown. But as she believed that good work attracts people, her business flourished. It grew the area and its community in positive ways.

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Forward 5 years, Julie is not only on thriving but also expanding her business to a great extent. She is helping people to live a better life. She motivates them to unlock their potential and achieve their dreams.

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01:48 Can you share your childhood dream and how it made you understand life?

05:46 You mentioned in your TED Talk that your life map had two start points, but both of them ended at the same spot. Does that mean our life is fixed and we have a free will in terms of the micro but not the macro?

08:17 Does it mean that “Work hard and create your own luck” is a non-working concept? Because you are anyway going to end up where you are supposed to.

08:59 How did you handle failures in your life? What did you do?

20:40 No matter how optimistic we are, sometimes we come across situations that are hard to deal with, how should one cope with such situations?

23:41 What is meaningful work according to you?

25:13 Do you think happiness is directly proportional to meaningful work?

26:52 What impact do you want to leave on the world?