Most people have a basic understanding of the concept of karma. The popular expression, “what goes around comes around” reflects its fundamental principle — whatever actions, thoughts, and emotions you project out into the universe, you will get back.

When most people talk about karma, they are likely referring to the universal law of cause and effect. According to this law, the energy you put out will come back to you in some way. Good deeds with positive intentions will equate to positive karma or reward, while bad deeds with negative intentions will equal negative karma or debt.


What is karmic debt?

Karmic debt refers to the lessons and consequences that you are meant to endure in this lifetime as a result of past actions, either in this life or from a previous life. Karma is connected to the concept of reincarnation and the idea that the actions you’ve taken and the decisions you’ve made will impact your current reality. 

Karmic debt is determined by the accumulation of unresolved negative energy from bad behaviors you exhibited and actions you took throughout your lifetimes. Karmic debt can be accrued by performing destructive actions, like committing crimes or abusing your power. It can also be the result of negative emotions or intentions that were never addressed or resolved, like the inability to forgive someone in a previous life. 

To alleviate karmic debt, you must atone for your mistakes in this lifetime. The more you acknowledge and address your karma, the less likely you will be to repeat these destructive patterns in subsequent lifetimes. Clearing karmic debt will improve your karma moving forward.


What are the karmic debt numbers?

Karmic debt numbers act as indicators for the different karmic lessons you might need to learn in this lifetime. A person may possess several karmic debt numbers, which would indicate they have multiple karmic debts to clear. If a person does not possess any karmic debt numbers, they are either new souls or came into this life free of karmic energy from previous lifetimes. These individuals will still have karmic debt lessons within this lifetime to complete.

In numerology, the karmic debt numbers are 13, 14, 16, and 19. Each of these numbers can be simplified as well. For example the number 13=1+3. 1+3=4. Therefore, 13/4, 14/5, 16/7, and 19/1.

Karmic debt number 13/4 represents laziness. This number tells you that your previous life (or lives) was spent in a lazy, unfocused, shiftless, and wasteful state. People with this karmic debt number need to find a healthy balance between work and relaxation. In this lifetime, they must remain motivated and aligned with their work. If they are disconnected and take shortcuts with their work, they will further accentuate this debt.

Karmic debt number 14/5 is directly related to control issues. With this number, you are guilty of unhealthy hedonistic practices and tendencies in previous lifetimes. Either you lacked control or exhibited obsessive behaviors related to control. People with this karmic debt number need to maintain their personal power while respecting the personal power of others. In this lifetime, it is important to sustain emotional awareness and stability and avoid actions that promote cyclical tendencies. 

Karmic debt number 16/7 relates to your ego. In your past life or lives, you likely had a very inflated ego that caused distress and harm to yourself or others. In this life, you might still have an arrogant attitude. This may lead to self-destructive decisions and behaviors. In this lifetime, you will need to deconstruct and deflate your ego. If arrogance and egotism arise, you will need to practice modesty and humility.

Karmic debt number 19/1 represents selfishness. If this is your karmic debt number, you were possibly quite selfish in your previous lifetimes. In the past, you operated from a place of selfish personal gain, likely valuing your immediate needs over the needs of others. In this lifetime, you must recognize the gravity and seriousness of selfish acts. You can counter this debt by intentionally choosing to care for others, especially populations in need. 

Karmic debt numbers are commonly discussed in reference to your birthday, personality number, and life path number. You can calculate your date of birth, personality number, and life path number to find out if your numerology corresponds with one or more of the karmic debt numbers.

Date of birth 

If the day of your birth is 13/4, 14/5, 16/7, or 19/1 then that is your karmic number. If your birthday does not fall on one of the karmic debt numbers, then you calculate your personality and life path number.

Personality Number 

The personality number is calculated from the numerical value of your birth month and day. 

For example: If you were born on January 15th, you would calculate it like this: 1+1+5=7. In this case, your personality number is 7.

The personality number 7 equals karmic debt number 16. 

Life Path Number

Your life path number is derived from the numerical value of your full birth date (year, month, day). To calculate your life path number, keep adding each of those digits together until you have a single digit. 

For example: Say you were born on May 12, 1994, or 12/05/1994. First, add up the digits of your birth year. 1+9+9+4=23, and further 2+3=5. Next, add up the month. 0+5=5. Lastly, add up the day. 1+2=3. Once you have your birth date in single digits, add up those digits together until you get a single digit. 5+5+3=13, and further 1+3=4. In this case, your life path number is 4. 

The life path number 4 equals karmic debt number 13. 


Signs you have a karmic debt to repay

  1. Your personal numerology corresponds with one or more of the karmic debt numbers.
  2. You find yourself in reoccurring negative situations. If you have noticed a repeated pattern of struggles throughout your life — financial problems, recurrent relationship issues, addictive tendencies, and mental and emotional instability — you might have karmic debt.
  3. You are in a toxic relationship or have found yourself drawn to toxic relationships before. One of the most prevalent ways karma shows up in our lives is through karmic relationships. If you have a magnetism towards unhealthy relationships, you need to learn a karmic lesson related to why the relationship does not seem to work.
  4. You identify as a caregiver and feel a constant need to care for other people. If you find yourself gravitating towards people that require your care, you may be repaying a karmic debt of selfishness, arrogance, and ignorance. 
  5. You are constantly reflecting on your actions and behaviors. If you are currently accumulating karmic debt, you may find yourself in situations that always revert back to your actions, your thoughts, or your energy. 


How to repay karmic debts

Karma is not meant to be a punishment or hindrance. Karmic debts are present to help you gain greater awareness and introspection about yourself. Karmic debts need to be embraced and accepted. When you learn about your karmic debt and live in accordance with the law of karma, you can harness the power of this universal energy. Working with your karmic debt can lead to a more positive and fulfilling life. If you find out that you are carrying karmic debt, you can repay it in various ways.

  1. If your debt is tied to your numerology, you will need to work through the specific karmic debt numbers you are carrying. These karmic numbers have a significant impact on how your life unfolds. To repay this debt, you must respond according to the nature of the lessons of the specific number. 
  2. If your karmic debt is not tied to your numerology, proactively work to identify your weaknesses, struggles, and mistakes in this lifetime. It is about recognizing then changing the behavior that induced karmic debt to begin with. When you willingly accept your issues and work towards bettering yourself, you will counteract the negative karma and eventually incur positive karma for yourself.
  3. If you are in karmic relationships, you may need to cut out negative people from your life. Many people enter our lives to merely teach us a lesson. If you have outgrown relationships and evolved beyond the energies of the other person, it is time to let that person go. 
  4. Karmic debt can be cleared through various past life modalities, like Past Life Regressions and Akashic Record readings. If you want to tap into the direct source of your karma, seeking out a past life session will be beneficial to healing the origin of your debt.