We live in a society that is fraught with judgment and criticism.

Kate Lori, is a professional Opera Singer, Martial artist, and an actor. She was bullied in high school. However, bullying never left an antagonistic effect on her. Instead, it made her an influential person when she overcame those blows to her self-worth.

With stubbornness in her blood, Kate’s determination was remarkable. If someone questioned her ability to do something, she took it as a challenge to prove that while being unaffected by the dispiriting questions. Kate’s scars have become her friends and always remind her how brave she was to overcome the pain of her wounds.


Bullying has not only helped her physical muscles grow stronger; but also her spiritual muscles.

“Singing is how your heart speaks when your lips can’t explain the pain you feel,” says Kate. It’s is her sword and shield, and it’s her escape from the world. Singing was like a sparkle in her dark world.



How did it all start?

Kate Lori

Singing was in her veins. When she was 16, Kate heard a song “Song to the moon” by Renee Fleming and instantly fell in love with Opera Singing. This song gave her a clear vision of what she really wanted to do in her life. And consequently, she wanted to break the stereotype that Opera is for the Elite class of artists.

Kate started performing Opera at a Convention and unexpected places, to introduce something to people which they had no idea they loved before.

Kate performed Opera for the first time in a community theatre production when she was in the fourth grade. When she was on stage holding a script in one hand, she was finding meaning and purpose during Singing.


From being bullied in school to making her presence on the stage as an Opera sensation, she has come a long way. Her experience made her believe that “people don’t determine your future but our willpower does.”

Kate is so much passionate about singing that she did a live show a day before she had her son. Though Insane, that’s Kate’s love for Opera at its peak.

Her achievement and triumphs have become more meaningful and purposeful now, as she realized that people had a wrong perception of her life. When she sings, she lives. And, to ‘live’ is the rarest thing in the world. Most people ‘exist,’ that is all.

Singing reveals all of the things that you cannot find the words to express — Kate Lori

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Losing a loved one

Kate Lori

Kate’s life has been immensely affected by the death of Johanna, a 12-year-old girl whom Kate misses every single day. Johanna was gone like a shooting star so far and so fast. The first time Kate met her was when she was doing a show, and Johanna was a volunteer. Kate finds herself in Johanna, and she wishes that she could have known her better. Johanna like Kate communicates only through Singing.

Kate has a boy and wishes that Johanna could sing with her. According to Kate, “She is a motivation and a light in a beautiful world should never be lost and should be held unto.” Kate inspires others to sing so that nobody in this world is gone without words left unsaid.

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Where is Kate heading?

Kate Lori

Kate is in the midst of rebranding of her career as she has been performing Opera for years under the name “Katie Kat.” Kate got this nickname during a martial art competition. With her career now being on the top of the mountain, she is changing her name from “Katie Kat” to “Kate Lori” as she wants to use a professional name.




Kate has a Masters from NYU and has performed in concerts, recitals, operas, and musicals in the US and Italy. She is currently the ‘Diva’ for the Off-Broadway Immersive theatre sensations, Speakeasy Dollhouse and The Illuminati Ball. She was featured in Crain’s New York Business, BBC Travel Magazine, and Gothamist recently called her ‘Exquisite.’

The greatest compliment she has ever received was when one of her fans said, “I never liked Opera until you sing,” and it was such an honor for Kate.

She has also delivered a TEDx talk; you can watch it below:

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The hardest part of being an opera singer

Kate Lori

When people ask her what she does for a living, and they laugh when she tells ‘Opera.’ People don’t realize how insulting it is.

She has a son and balancing her career is a meticulous task. Kate has to stay away from her family for months for rehearsals, practice and other aspects of life. Some people think Opera singer wakes up and sings, but it’s not. It takes an ungodly amount of practice, sweat, desire, and blood.



Kate’s View on Rejections:

You could be the most amazing tuna out there in the entire world, but you are not going to get the role if they are looking for pineapple. – Kate Lori recalls from Prof. Grant Weanus at NYU.


It’s funny we live in a world where we only see success and fame of the person but not the actual work of an individual, nobody sees the invisible world behind the iceberg.

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