Laura Esposto—a synonym for beauty-with-brain has been one of the most popular and successful soccer presenters of all time. She is amazingly beautiful, smart and diligent. This dynamic personality of hers has been successful in attracting a huge fan base all around the world.

Laura Esposto

Hailing from Italy—the country that forever breathes football, she has carved a niche for herself as soccer presenter in this sports category. From Francesco Totti to Gianluigi Buffon, Italians have a loyal and royal blood flowing in their veins. Laura Esposto is also an ardent football fan as she has been inhaling Italian air in her lungs since birth. As a child, she used to support her hometown football club called ‘Bologna’. With a natural connection with this beautiful game, she often used to go to Bologna stadium with her parents to support their hometown team. From childhood, she was enamoured of football because of huge competition, big stadium and huge audience and a team’s comprising of amazing players.

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She had a throbbing spirit and keen interest in sports right from her school days. She completed bachelors in communication studies from the same city. As a young girl growing up, she wanted to become a professional volleyball player. Although Laura’s height measuring 177cm was considered a good height for the neutral, this sport requires more height to become a good player. Unfortunately, she left the dream of being a Volleyball player. In parallel, she had a deep interest in modelling that she has been pursuing as a hobby since she was 16.


Turning Point

Laura Esposto

Four years later, Laura got an opportunity to work as a TV presenter for one of the most famous football clubs in Italy—Rossoneri (AC Milan). If you are not able to fulfil your ambitions, you can pursue it by other means. She could not become a Volleyball player, but she accomplished her dream by becoming a presenter at a famous football club. It was a job that she always loved. Her job as TV presenter galvanised her career to different heights. During the interview, “Laura said she like more talking than posing.” Her lucky break came when she was attending an event where she happened to meet Ricardo Silva, then CEO of AC Milan channel. Ricardo Silva asked Laura if she wanted to move from modelling to sports media, to which Laura immediately replied with a ‘yes’. There was no looking back. In 2005, she left her job as a model and kick-started a new career as a TV presenter of AC Milan. The day she started her job as in sports media as a TV presenter, she was finding meaning and purpose in it

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After working successfully for AC Milan, another electrifying opportunity knocks on the door of Laura’s life. In 2007, she was going to London where she worked with Channel Five that broadcasted Football Italiano to the TV screens of UK and Ireland. She was doing preview shows and match analysis for Seria A. But after one season English media didn’t buy TV rights to show Football Italiano on Channel Five anymore. So Laura came back to Italy. The experience in London opened a kaleidoscope of opportunities for her.

Laura Esposto

Laura came back again to Milan—her home country. She worked on multiple projects of various channels in Italy. Currently, she is working for Sportitalia. Through her remarkable journey, she also did a collaboration with Fox Sports in Los Angles. In her glamorous career, she did an advertisement for Carl’s Junior in South America and also did a commercial for MTV awards in California. She likes reporters who are passionate and who have the power to spark a passion to the viewers.

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In 2009, Laura was placed in the prestigious rankings of ‘The Sun’ (a British Newspaper) and “Top 10 TV Sports Babes” (the girls of sports TV) where she was ranked at 5. As she recalls, her parents always supported her, no matter in which field she wanted to dive in. She believes in the “Law of Attraction” that uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality. She has a small piece of advice for those who easily give up— if you are passionate about something, embrace the journey and forget the word “Hard” and you will surely succeed.


Tip for You

When she was asked, “How hard is the life of an anchor?” She replied, “It’s not hard, rather it’s pleasure. I’m working it’s just a pleasure because I love what I’m doing.”