For those who want to get their first Tattoo, the first thing is to know what the ideal drawing. Then, finding the least painful area to get a tattoo. A tattoo is something very serious that lasts a lifetime. Because of that, you have to think seriously about what is the meaning we want to record on our skin. Also, about the benefits and drawbacks of the places where they are often tattooed to get the best result.


The most and the least painful places to get a tattoo



Places to get a Tattoo

The shoulder is the least painful tattooing site for two main reasons. First, because in this area there is a greater amount of muscle and second – nerves are not so much sensitive as in other nooks of the body. This area is often the most used and first timers tend to opt for them. It is advisable to opt for this site to know how much we can tolerate the pain of needles used by professionals. Either way, once the tattoo is started, the body tends to get used to pain gradually.

If this is your first time, tell your tattooist, and he will apply an anesthetic cream to soothe the area and cope with the discomfort. And for people who feel some suspicion is best to opt for a medium sized tattoo. For example, the size of a fist, to be sufficiently visible and not become an unfavorable experience.

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Body Back

Places to get a Tattoo

The second place that is less harmful is back, a place where the skin is thicker. It is usually quite popular because you can create a magnanimous tattoo with many details that will not go unnoticed.

As opposed, tattoos embedded in the rib cage, which usually occupies much of the chest or back, are often very creative considering that this is a very wide area. However, as the ribs are close to the skin, it is a very painful site. Some of these tattoos can reach the armpits, one of the most painful areas for its large number of nerves. The same happens with both hands and wrists. Here, the pain is more intense because the bone is very close to the skin.



Places to get a Tattoo

The thighs should have more meat than the rest of the legs. That is the reason for which it is one of the best places to get a tattoo. Just stick to the front or side of the thighs and avoid inner thighs, which certainly can be painful. If you do not have any ink showing at work or family events, this place is perfect for you. When you’re in pants, nobody will be able to glimpse your tattoo. However, when you want to be in sight, you can put some shorts or a mini skirt and show the world.

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Places to get a Tattoo

Tattoos that extend across your forearm are not that much painful, as to avoid the area of the wrist. If you worry about the pain, then try to get some words written on your forearm. They do not take a lot of time to be taken as, for example, some photo, especially if you do not want the words stuffed or adorned with any special design.



Places to get a Tattoo

If you are a man, you probably do not want a tattoo on your booty, although it is one of the least painful places to get a tattoo. No matter if you’re skinny, the area has a lot of meat, which means you will not feel the needle as intensely as you would in areas that have less space between you and your bones. If you do not want to experience extreme pain, avoid tattooing on your hips, nipples or genitals. Just thinking about those points poked with a needle is quite painful. Once you come up with a tattoo design that you like, no matter how much pain you have to go to get it, the end product will be well worth the struggle.

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In any case, it is always important to note that the tattooing is something that you should strongly consider for several reasons. First of all, tattoos will never look equally good on the young and older skin. Think about the future. Also, the removal of permanent tattoos can be a twice painful than tattooing. And not to talk about the huge costs that this requires. Bad and incompetent tattoo master, the wrong choice of tattoos and recklessness is all that can mark your whole life. Therefore, before you make a final decision about tattooing, think twice.

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