5 Lethal Negative Emotions You Need To Let Go To Live An Abundant Life

5 Lethal Negative Emotions You Need To Let Go To Live An Abundant Life

The fact that you’re reading this site means, you’ve already made a choice to heal yourself. If you feel like the world is on your shoulder and you’ll never escape from your problems; you are wrong. Let me lighten your burden, read the story of any successful person and see how many struggles they faced before reaching the pinnacle.

Adversity is the foundation of success, it may be the best thing which can ever happen to you. Our brain is wired in such a way that we automatically think more about the negatives. If we change the way we look at things, the thing itself will change.

You need to become aware of what you’re thinking about.



Negative Emotions

What if I fail or if it didn’t work out the way I expected?

But what if you pass? Life always gives you opportunities, it’s up to you whether you want to grab them or not. Stop caring what other people think, the moment you do this your fear will be gone.

Most people fear because they can’t handle criticism and negative chatter of their friends. So they won’t get out of their comfort zone.



Stop feeling guilty about the things that happened in your past. I know nothing about the situation, but guilt-tripping, again and again, is only killing you.

We don’t perceive things in our reality the way they are. We perceive reality the way we are. That’s why our mindset is so important. We need to change this in order to have a prosperous life.

The more you hold, the more pain you will have internally. Free yourself from the invisible chain holding your hand.

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Negative Emotions

We all love to be lazy but No battle is won lying in bed. We analyze so many things without even starting. Most people procrastinate because they always have an excuse for everything.

The economy is down, the start-up will fail, there are a lot of challenges, I won’t make it, etc.

The most common remedy is finding a work you are interested in and you won’t feel tired or bored while doing it.


Feeling Bad About Yourself

The most heinous thing in this world is not liking your own self. I mean how crazy is it? I swear 80% of the population will trade the lifestyle that you’re living right now.

Do you know why you’re sad? Because you allowed other people’s opinion and words to make a home in your brain.

You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are stunning. Now let these words swirl around your brain like a hurricane.

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“I’ll never reach Xanadu”

Negative Emotions

You are deciding and shaping your reality every minute – with every thought and every reaction. It’s a slow process. You experience: you get hurt, you learn a lesson, you grow a bit. Then challenges, success, achievements come.

Sometimes you just need a software upgrade to your mind. Quit telling yourself you can’t accomplish the dreams or you don’t have the talent. These lies keep you away from your destiny.

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