Twenties are never easy for anyone, and never will be. When it is the beginning of your twenties, you have no idea about how to live your life and what the world around you is actually like! You will trust everyone; you will think you know everything, but then you will fall and realize how wrong you have been. During this time, everyone around you will be filled with advice, yet you won’t feel like listening to them. Sometimes, it may make you feel as you don’t even belong there! But, don’t jump off the cliff yet, the twenties is the time to grow and know how to live in this messy world with peace of mind.


Find your passion

Life Goals

Everyone starts working and enroll in jobs right away, and then, they feel stuck. It is for your own good to know better and not lose sight of what’s important to you. Harness the creativity in you and by not settling already. If you are doing jobs to save the money, don’t get caught up in the humdrum and be willing to take risks. It is the only time when you can!


Learning Something New

After school and college studies are over, it is time for you to learn something which will stay with you forever. Learn the musical instrument which you always wanted to or the type of dance you always wished to know the moves of. Challenge yourself with new skills as it will help you in boosting your self-esteem required for later stages.

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Chase the Dream

Life Goals

If you don’t have dreams, you better find one and then chase it! Otherwise, one day you will wake up, having no idea what you are supposed to do. Dreams serve a purpose in life, something you can work for and something you want to live for. Don’t be satisfied with the dreams which just come to you while you are sleeping.



Start taking care of yourself. It is time to get those perfect abs you always desired. If you are fit, your skin will glow and what else do people want? Control the cravings and eat healthily. If you stay healthy now, it will help you with ageing and even help you continue this schedule all through life. Thus, it would serve you benefits in the longer run, right?

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Life Goals

Either alone or with your friends, but one must travel the world in their twenties. It is the fittest age and helps you explore your options regarding the career as well. You meet new people while you travel and get ideas about numerous ways you can live your life. Paint the world with your footsteps, I suggest and open your mind to new experiences.


Strengthen Friendships

Believe it or not, but real friendships do last. You just need to invest in those when the times are hard, which means the 20s! Take out time to socialise as you will not be able to find close friends in the later ages of your life. After all, who would you share stuff like “My kid forced me to sleep in the other room while I wanted to make love to my wife.” For a good laugh or the displeasures, life will bring, you need friends.

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Bring a Change

Life Goals

Do something to help the needy, be it the people or the stray animals that get no food. You can work for a cause as the world is filled with horrible conditions and horrible human beings. Be a smart person and do something which creates an impact in making the world a little bit better. If you don’t, then who else will? As they say, “Change starts with you.” It will also help you feel worthwhile and good about yourself.


Get Away From People Who Bring You Down

People who disrespect you should have no space in your life. Move away from them as quickly as possible. You must know yourself worth and should not let anyone be the reason for your tears. There is a long life ahead; you will move on and thus, being in relationships that don’t make you happy, is not worthwhile.

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Find Yourself

Life Goals

It does not necessarily mean knowing what you want, but it is good enough if you know what you DO NOT. It is time to say No to whatever doesn’t feel right to you. Explore your talents and your preferences. Pursue your hobbies and know ways which can make you happy on your own. Finding yourself means loving yourself, till death parts you, from you.

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