Every girl would like to have everything in its place, always available and easy to use. The problem is that the girls do not manage so easily in all situations, and often happens to lose too much time to solve a simple problem. Here are some excellent life hacks, which could be useful very much in life and that could ease some everyday actions.


How to organize T-shirts

Life Hacks For Girls

If you are one of those girls who love T-shirts, and you have plenty of them, sure you have the problem that the whole world have: how to organize them without disordering the rest of the clothes while pulling them out the drawer or closet.

So this trick is very simple, and you certainly had not fallen into it: it is about folding shirts in a different way from the traditional, somewhat bent, so would save more space. The result is good because you can have everything at a glance, and the image of the front, and so is easier to find what you want.


Make curls with a hair straightener

Have a flat iron, but not a curling iron. How do we do then? There are ways to make some waves, yes, but not perfect curls. This trick is quite easy, and there are many tutorials on the Internet that you can follow.

The process is straightforward: take a lock of your hair and roll up. Then cover it and secure it with aluminum foil, and then keep tight iron for a few seconds. The result is spectacular, as you’ll see.

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Keep the boots upright

Life Hacks For Girls

There are many tricks to store the shoes, but if you have enough space in your shoe rack or your closet, the most common is that we keep them standing up. Yes, we always have the same problem, and that the leg usually not sustain alone.

The trick is to buy those plastic that are used to play in the pools and cut them into several parts. The right height for your boots, if possible. Thus, they remain upright, and there is no tremendous skin wrinkling that leaves ugly marks.


For skin burns

If you are one of those girls who usually burn easily, we recommend this trick that is as simple as cheap. Take an ice bucket you no longer use, and fill it with aloe vera, either in cream or natural liquid as you prefer.

So when you burn, put the ice cubes on the burn, and you will immediately relieve pain, and ice cool effect will make you desensitize something else, and not suffer so much.

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The profits of the hair straightener

Life Hacks For Girls

Formerly, the girls iron their hair with a clothes iron. It was a good idea, yes, always careful, and with a towel in between. Now, we can give other uses our hair iron.

In fact, it is a very useful device if we seek to iron the edges of the sleeves, hems, and that sort of thing. What are you waiting to try it?


Uses of Vaseline

Natural Vaseline, derived from petroleum, has a lot of profits, but one of the most common is to rehydrate. Not only to us, but we can also take some care with our skin products.

For example, it is quite common to use Vaseline to fix those rubbing marks on shoes, which look gruesome. Try them, and you’ll see what a difference.

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Distinguishing the keys

Life Hacks For Girls

As children, we liked those colorful keys that we always saw in copies stores. But here’s a better idea, and it is a cheaper way: paint the keys with nail polish.

You could put into use all those nail polish you no longer use and that are lagging dry. Before throwing them, this is a good solution.


If you run out of depilation gel

Girls have a lot of products for depilation, but if you use the blades, they also have to have a good gel. The sad thing is that they are expensive, and often run out quickly. But if that day you need it, you can resort to a relatively rapid and efficient solution: hair conditioner.

If you try it, you probably cannot stop using it, because the truth is that it can become much more efficient than the special gels for hair removal.

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Red wine stains

Life Hacks For Girls

The spots of red wine, with white wine, are removed. So if you’re at a dinner party, and you had that slip, you know, immediately ask for a bottle of white wine, and take a glass to the bathroom. Surely you will be delighted with the effect, so quickly.

Because it’s not pleasant to stay with wine stains the rest of dinner. Besides, you know, desperate situations call for desperate measures.


Remove glued chewing gum

With ice. That’s a trick of our mothers,  who everyone knows. So it hardens, and then we use a thin, sharp object like a knife or lime to remove it. It is not pleasant, and you have to be careful, but it is the best solution.

Oh, and of course, this also serves to hair, so no need to worry. Nothing to make a concoction of everything we have in the fridge, to remove gum from hair.

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