5 Simple Life Hacks To Be Successful

5 Simple Life Hacks To Be Successful

Successful people are those who never quit, no matter how hard the situation is. It’s kinda funny we all have the same brain but some are successful and same aren’t. If God has given you a dream in your heart, he has anointed you with one dream. But God hasn’t appointed you yet.

There is a big difference between anointment and appointment. There is a story in the Bible in which David who was destined to be the King. He was anointed at the age of 17. But David became King at the age of 30. So it took 13 years for an anointment to become an appointment.

Now would you stay in a process even you have a bad day or a setback? The lesson learned in the journey are more important than the destination.

So here I present you 5 Simple Life Hacks To Be Successful –


Your Words Determine Your Destiny

Life Hacks To Be Successful

Now you have met some people who always say negative words about their life. I have a friend, we were having a normal conversation I asked him frankly “Where you see yourself in 5 years”. He replied “I see myself working in a private company working 9 to 5 and earning 15K INR. I will not be surprised if he is earning only that much after 5 years. Don’t let your words ruin your future.

Don’t use your words to describe the situation but use your words to change the situation. When you wake up in the morning start your day by looking yourself in the mirror and tell yourself ” This is my day, my dreams are coming true, I’m thankful for everything and I’m expecting a lot of blessing today. Try this. Your life will never be the same it will turn into something beautiful.

Try saying nothing negative for 24 hours straight & watch your life change.


The Odds Are For You

Just remember one thing the problems that you are having right now might seem big. But these problems are not bigger than the God that you are serving. The problem he gives you are ultimately making you stronger. So odds are not against you, odds are for you. When you find yourself in a situation when you think everything is over your head and when you don’t see a way out then suddenly God will step in and make things happen. And this is not the time to give up, this is the time to stir up your faith. Don’t you worry when you got a problem as God has got you in the palm of his hands?

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Few Things To Keep Private

Life Hacks To Be Successful

There are few things that you need to keep private. You got a great idea in your head now instead of telling to someone start focusing on that idea. The things listed below should be kept private –

  • Love Life
  • Your next idea
  • Your next move
  • Your salary
  • Your dreams

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Don’t Leave Your Wish

If you wish to be a millionaire one day then start working hard. Most of us only wish that we will be X and we will be Y after few years. You must get this thing in your head that when you don’t work on your wish then that wish leaves you. You are not going to buy Lamborghini just by wishing that on the bed. You have to get out of your comfort zone if you want your wishes to come true.  Don’t ever make a wish and leave it, because it will leave you too. Believe that you are worth that wish coming true so that you can be worthy of it.

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Appreciate Little Things And Be Kind

Life Hacks To Be Successful

You may think you don’t have any resources to be successful. I want to tell you one thing you have every resource to be successful. Appreciate the things that you are having right now because some years back you were praying for these things. If you don’t appreciate small ones then you won’t be able to accomplish big victories. Stay in the state of contentment. Be kind to this unkind world. Appreciate what you have because this world is full of idiots and they will try everything to get you down.

I seriously hope this article will help you to become successful. Remember one thing. You are amazing.

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