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How to Break Your Bedtime Procrastination Habit

Bedtime Procrastination Habit

Getting yourself to go to bed at the proper bedtime is often a challenge, mostly because of irrelevant bad habits such as ‘just one more episode’ of your favorite show or catching up on projects and work. This may not look like that big a deal right now, but wasting time before going to bed […]

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6 Ways to Make Your Home A Truly Relaxing Place

making home a relaxing place

We all perceive the idea of a home the same way, whether you live in a suburban house with a five-member family, or a small loft above a fast food joint. It is the one place you return to at the end of the day, where you feel comfortable, safe and at ease. If you […]

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7 Best Practices to Stop Worrying about Being Perfect

Stop Worrying about Being Perfect

How will I give this presentation? What if I choke? What if my friends think I’m weak? Why can’t I be funnier, thinner, and a tad prettier? Did you recognize yourself somewhere in these questions. There is no human who hasn’t faced the challenge of not being good enough for something. In fact, we don’t […]