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How to Break Your Bedtime Procrastination Habit

Bedtime Procrastination Habit

Getting yourself to go to bed at the proper bedtime is often a challenge, mostly because of irrelevant bad habits such as ‘just one more episode’ of your favorite show or catching up on projects and work. This may not look like that big a deal right now, but wasting time before going to bed […]

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7 Simple Hacks To Start Talking to Strangers with Ease

How to Talk to Strangers with Ease

Don’t wanna read? Watch this 43 seconds video instead.   Conversation defines who we are as a human being. Some conversations can make war, while can some can make peace. Conversation is a chance to establish a new connection or it is a chance to hear a story which you have never heard. We meet […]

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6 Ways to Make Your Home A Truly Relaxing Place

making home a relaxing place

We all perceive the idea of a home the same way, whether you live in a suburban house with a five-member family, or a small loft above a fast food joint. It is the one place you return to at the end of the day, where you feel comfortable, safe and at ease. If you […]

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7 Best Practices to Stop Worrying about Being Perfect

Stop Worrying about Being Perfect

How will I give this presentation? What if I choke? What if my friends think I’m weak? Why can’t I be funnier, thinner, and a tad prettier? Did you recognize yourself somewhere in these questions. There is no human who hasn’t faced the challenge of not being good enough for something. In fact, we don’t […]

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Start Thriving: 5 Steps to Overcome the Fear of Success

overcome the fear of success

Success. What a beautiful yet complex term. Most of the people want it, but only a few get it. That’s why success is so craved: not everyone can attain it. Success comes with tremendous benefits and opportunities. But before one earns it, one must go through an often challenging journey. The journey to success begins […]