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Start Thriving: 5 Steps to Overcome the Fear of Success

overcome the fear of success

Success. What a beautiful yet complex term. Most of the people want it, but only a few get it. That’s why success is so craved: not everyone can attain it. Success comes with tremendous benefits and opportunities. But before one earns it, one must go through an often challenging journey. The journey to success begins […]

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5 Ways to Stop Over-thinking Everything in your Life

how to stop over-thinking

There are moments when it is better not to think about anything and to focus your attention on the present and the moments for what you now feel, be it whatever. In this way, you come in contact with them, with what you really are and not what you think you are. When you come […]

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9 Life Lessons You Either Learn or Regret

life lessons you learn or regret

Sometimes in life, we keep making same mistakes over and over again, without learning a lesson, till reality strikes us. And other times, some decisions are so hard, that we often end up feeling that we could have gone the other way. All we are left with then is regret. Some problems keep on repeating […]

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10 Nifty Tricks To Make Your Brain Do What You Want

Say Goodbye to Procrastination

At times feel like our brain isn’t listening to us anymore. Of course, it’s a part of our body, and we should be having full access to what it does and how it should be doing. But there are times when the brain just wants to live its life, free from your orders/directions. No matter, […]