We talk about Life lessons, and life hacks here, however, let’s get a bit spiritual today. We aren’t promoting Hinduism (Even though I am a Hindu). If you were not living under the rock till now, you would have probably heard about the Hindu God, Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is often called the Lord of Destruction, but he is also known for his mercy and compassion. Lord Shiva has enough powers to grant wisdom, change fate, destroy ignorance and overpower evil.

There is more to Lord Shiva than just these capabilities. He is a man of discipline and principles. His entire character has some core principles that would do wonders if we can incorporate them into our daily lives.


Here are the seven things Lord Shiva represents.

live lessons from lord shiva

His Ash Smeared Body

Nothing lasts forever, even our body! Life is momentary, whatever is happening now is temporary and shall never last forever. If you have everything you wished for, enjoy NOW! If you are going through a hard time, Don’t Worry, It will be over!!!

In a sentence – Simply live the NOW! Once, you understand this; you will never have to regret about your past or present again.

However, it doesn’t mean that you completely give up on everything, just make sure that you don’t turn commitments into obsessions.


His Third Eye

Lord Shiva’s third eye represents looking at a problem with the mind’s eye, beyond what it is, which finally results in overcoming the impossible. Know that your body is far more capable than you think it is!

His third eye also can destroy whatever evil that comes his way. He is strongly against injustice and evil. Come what may, you must never learn to tolerate evil. If you ever feel like you aren’t getting justice, stand up against it!


Goddess Ganga Trapped in his hair

It represents the end of ego, ignorance and the dawn of knowledge. Don’t jump into anything unknown thinking that you know it better. You have to do a thorough research on anything you are likely to get into. Get your facts rights, just denying the facts by your ignorance can lead you to a terrible situation.


His Trishul (Trident)

His Trishul symbolizes the control of mind, intellect, and ego, which in turn allows you to work better and never lose your mind. Your mind, intellect, and ego can control you if you don’t control them. If you want to succeed in anything, it is essential to keep all three (mind, intellect, and ego) in your control, or you might never be able to achieve it.


His Meditative Pose

Meditation allows him to keep calm and focus on what’s important. It allows him to deal issues with clarity. Lord Shiva was also against materialistic happiness, as everything is temporary. Instead of finding happiness in things, start finding happiness in events, people, and experiences.


His Matted Hair

It symbolizes the union of mind, body, and spirit. It doesn’t matter if you wish to work better, stay healthy or study hard, you need to unite your mind, body, and soul to achieve anything. It will not only keep you more focused but would also help you to reach your goals faster.


His Blue Throat

His blue throat represents the suppression of evil and anger. Lord Shiva drank the poison of the world to save us, which turned his throat blue. Suppressing your anger is not okay in many ways (you will have emotional disturbances); however, it is important to express it in the right way. If not, it might be equally damaging as suppressing it.


Serpent around his neck

Here comes the answer to the most famous question, “Why Lord Shiva has a snake around his neck?

The serpent around the neck of Lord Shiva symbolizes the controlling of one’s ego so that you can be free both physically and mentally. Ego is your worst enemy, so let it go!

Wearing snakes as an ornament also shows his ability to manipulate dangers or adversities to his favor. Snakes are non-domestic, and even a slight mistake in handling can get a bit from them, but he is so good at handling things that he doesn’t even care if it is the world’s dangerous animal around his neck.

Image Source – deviantart.com

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