Animated movies are synonymous with laughs as most people only see them as a source of entertainment. However, some cartoons have stood the test of time to deliver more than just fun and entertainment to families across the globe as they come with great lessons that should be learned by every lover of cartoons worth watching.

There are cartoon lessons to be learned by children and even adults. Whether you watch classic cartoons online, or you were present during the Saturday morning cartoons era where we gathered around the TV with our breakfast in our hands, below are some lessons that can be learned from watching cartoons.


Perseverance and Tenacity are importance Success Factors

Wile E. Coyote For people that watched the ‘Road Runner’, Wile E. Coyote’s persistence in his attempt to catch the roadrunner is one lesson you must have learned. The cartoon showed that with tenacity and perseverance, even a mission that seems unreachable can be achieved.

Wile E. Coyote’s persistence finally paid off when caught the fast roadrunner in the final episode of the cartoon, and he was quick to forget his countless failed attempts.



Hard work and Persistence Pay

Dragonball Z teaches us that with hard work and persistence, we can achieve virtually anything. Gohan is one of the most popular cartoon characters of all time, and it became so popular due to its size, smartness, and strength. It is also ranked as the most powerful Saiyan in history. But most importantly, the character will be remembered for being one that never says never, always trying to reach its goal regardless of the obstacles or challenges it might face.

Gohan was defeated, beaten and even destroyed several times, but this never stopped Gohan as its inner strength always motivated it to continue in its strive.

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Look Well Before You Conclude

Scooby DooScooby Doo is one of the most popular cartoon series in history with the era that had people glued to their TV sets in anticipation of the next Scooby Doo episode taught many of us a couple of lessons and one of them was never to judge a book by the cover. Every episode of Scooby-Doo featured everyone looking towards another direction for the criminal as the person we thought was the evil guy was usually innocent at the end of the episode.

Another lesson Scooby Doo taught us is to try to solve problems instead of whining and complaining. Each episode of Scooby Doo was about solving mysteries from their adventures.



Set Life Goals

It can be boring to live life without goals and Batman has been able to demonstrate this to lovers of the cartoon. The cartoon character is always out to achieve one goal or the other when he sets out to fight crime.

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Your Gut Instincts Would Not Fail You

ninja_turtlesWe all have an inner voice that tries to guide us in every step we take. Unfortunately, not everyone follows this voice and in most cases, the consequences are severe. Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo are characters in the famous ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’, and if there is any lesson to be learned from them, it is that you should trust your gut instincts when making decisions.

The four characters mentioned above were not particularly the strongest of cartoon characters, but they always trusted their inner voice and it helped them solve mysteries and get out of troubles.



Failure is not the End

Life is not a bed of roses and even as we also want to win, and success, failures, and setbacks are bound to happen. It is, however, imperative that we bounce back from our failures and get on with life, and this is one of the lessons taught in the cartoon ‘Super Friends’.

Super Friends kept coming back to save the day regardless of the number of times they were defeated or failed and even as viewers were entertained, the message on the need to get back up after a failure was successfully passed.

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Love Equals Sacrifice

the little mermaid

Cartoons were not always about teaching tough life lessons, as they were also some romantic side to watching animated movies. One of such cartoon series that caught the attention of many people across the globe is The Little Mermaid.

Ariel and Prince Eric were the major characters, but the major lesson of sacrifice came from Ariel sacrificing her voice in exchange for her legs even when her voice was the only way for the Prince to know she was the person he was in search of.

Ariel gave up her voice in pursuit of love, and she got what she wanted. Love means sacrifice from all parties involved, and while in some cases such a sacrifice is permanent as the lost item might never be regained, there are cases where you recover what you lost and in most cases, you get something better than the sacrificed item.



Love Overcomes Adversity

This is another lesson from the famous The Little Mermaid where Prince Eric fought Lady Ursula and eventually killed her before he could be with his love – Ariel. Every fairy-tale has the love birds fighting one form of adversity or the other in a bid to live together happily ever after.

However, the lesson here is that love always conquers, and tests and trials are only for a while as the benefits are immense if the couples can go through that phase of the relationship.

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Love Requires Being Decisive

fighting UrsulaAlso in The Little Mermaid, the Prince had to fight Ursula, and while this might not look unusual, the decision to fight for love is one that is admirable. This can be likened to Ariel deciding to sacrifice her voice for the love she had for Prince Erica. Both parties, therefore, realized the need to make a decision for love, which they did, and this is another important romantic lesson that The Little Mermaid teaches us.



With the lessons and examples mentioned above, it can be clearly seen that watching cartoons and animated videos are not limited to the fun and laughter that they are synonymous with as real-life lessons can also be learned from them.

The likes of Tom and Jerry and Snow White have captured the hearts of many cartoon lovers across the globe and with 3-D animations on the rise; one expects the popularity of animated movies and cartoons to continue to increase. One thing we can, however, be confident of is the lesson that each episode of this rich and exciting source of entertainment will teach to viewers, regardless of their ages.

It is, however, worth noting that even with these lessons from cartoons, there are somewhat violent cartoons and animated movies that children, in particular, should not be encouraged to see. Parents are therefore encouraged to guide their wards as to the choice of cartoon and animated videos they watch.

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