From time to time, we get stuck in a loop of ‘My Life Sucks!’. It might stem from a series of bad events when things don’t go your way! Or when you’ve just got stuck in the habit of noticing only the bad or negative things that come your way. 

You’ve crossed the first hurdle, which is realizing that you need change. So, congratulations! 

Did you know, when you say ‘my life sucks,’ you’re only adding fuel to the fire? It might seem like a harmless little sentence, but our words hold power. 

“Words are stronger than guns and bullets.”

They have the power to hurt, to heal, to help, to harm, and more. The more energy you give to it, the more it will affect your life. So, the first step is to watch your words!

Now, if you’ve been going through a series of bad events, or maybe you’re just not feeling that great, you’ve come to the right place. Small little changes can have the most significant impact on our lives, so take these 10 tips to heart and get ready to change your life!


1. Change up your space

The place where you live, be it your apartment or your bedroom, reflects your life. If it’s a mess, you’ll attract messiness in life. So, the first step is to clean up your space. 

If you feel that your space is clean enough, try moving some furniture and change up the look of your place. Changing it up will give you a sense of a fresh start, and you’ll feel loads better already.


2. Be grateful for the things you already have

It can be easy to get stuck on the things that are going wrong; we’ve all been there. So, instead of being stuck, choose to change your perspective to a more optimistic one.

It doesn’t have to be a huge change to make a difference. Start small, list five things that you are grateful for and if you feel like listing more, do it.

Be grateful for the clean drinking water, for the warm bed you have, the people you have in life, for electricity that helps you do everything. They are such small things that we forget about them, so instead, be grateful for them. 


3. Switch up your routine

Routines are a great way to keep track of your life, but when we get stuck in a routine that isn’t challenging us or exciting us, we tend to flatline and feel like our life sucks. 

Try waking up earlier to catch that sunrise, or take a drive during sunset, scream the lyrics to your favorite song. It’s the simple things that can change your life.

Trying a new route to work or getting something other than your regular coffee can have a life-changing effect on your brain. It jolts the soul to let it know that you’re ready to change your life.


4. Connect with nature

Life Sucks

If you are busy in life, this might seem like a luxury. But, connecting with nature doesn’t have to be about going on vacation to a faraway place. 

Start with going to your garden and sitting there with your bare feet touching the earth. Or go to a nearby park, forest, beach, and walk barefoot to feel connected to nature.

Did you know that the earth emits electrical charges that will charge you up with positive energy?


5. Let yourself feel 

Most of the time, we’re holding things in that fester and show up in our physical reality as bad luck. Bottling things up makes us feel weaker and heavier, so let it all out. 

Talk to someone close to you, or better yet, journal. Writing it all down is the best practice to let go of emotions that you might be holding on to, like anger, regret, sadness.

Make journaling a part of your routine! 


6. Meditation

Meditation isn’t always disconnecting from the world and going to classes or on a significant retreat. Start small, like 5 minutes a day, using youtube videos and apps that will help you get in touch with yourself. 

It’s a great way to get in touch with yourself and the universe. 


7. Breathwork

Another thing to try is breathwork, and you can do this at any time of the day. Take a deep breath for 3-4 seconds using your belly, hold your breath for 3-4 seconds, and exhale for 7-8 seconds. This technique will lower your stress and calm you down immediately, and help you look at things from a different perspective. 

And as you keep practicing it every day, you will see its impact on your life.


8. Look at the content you’re consuming

Life Sucks

Our subconscious brain takes in everything that you consume throughout the day and uses it to dictate our lives. 

Pay attention to the content you consume throughout the day: have you paid attention to the lyrics of the songs you listen to every day? Do you listen to songs that have sad/angry lyrics? Or maybe you’re watching shows that have negative implications? Are you watching too much negative news?

These might seem simple things, but they can affect the way your subconscious gets wired. 

So, switch to music with uplifting lyrics, follow social media accounts that spread positive news, and more.


9. Let yourself know that it’s okay to have bad days

Life isn’t always about being productive and being on the go. Sometimes you need to stop and realise that life has its ups and downs, and just because you’re experiencing the downside of life doesn’t mean you’ll stay there forever. 

It’s okay to have some bad days, and it’ll help you be grateful for the good days even more.


10. Help yourself

Reading articles will help get ideas, of course, but they will not work until you do. Make a conscious choice to change your life.

Start by making a list and starting small. The key to changing your life is consistency!

So, grab a glass of water, chug it, and get moving! 

Choose yourself today!