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10 Things You Must Try in Your 20s and Cherish Each Moment

things you must try in your twenties

Your twenties are the perfect time to start making our dreams come true. Remember that dream you had about visiting some foreign country? Or that dream about finally being yourself and making a ton of new memories? Yes, these are exactly the kind of dreams that should be realized during the twenties. They are perfect […]

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7 Hard Truths About Success You Should Know About

Hard Truths About Success You Should Know About

Success is often a subjective term. For some, success may mean wealth, while for some it could mean a certain social position. My mother, who never cared much about her professional life, always said to me: “I feel extremely successful for involving so much into this family”. That’s when I understood that every one of […]

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7 Hacks To Be Psychologically Strong

Hacks To Be Psychologically Strong

Sometimes I think negativity is woven into the fabrics of human life. Yes, it’s true instead of being optimistic we waste our whole life being negative. Suppose if you are going for an interview we call defeat in our thinking even before our official interview has been started. “What if’s” are destroying our lives in […]

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How to Become the Best in What You Do

How to Become the Best in What You Do

There is always a crazy inner voice in my head, always telling me how bad I am at something, basically, at anything that I do. I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who it happens with. We are perfectionists. When we pick a career, we want to be best at it […]

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5 Ways to Stop Over-thinking Everything in your Life

how to stop over-thinking

There are moments when it is better not to think about anything and to focus your attention on the present and the moments for what you now feel, be it whatever. In this way, you come in contact with them, with what you really are and not what you think you are. When you come […]