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How To Motivate Yourself and Others

Motivate Others

Waking up every morning, do you feel all excited about the day that lies ahead of you? Or do you find it hard to drag yourself out of your bed every day? The difference between these two scenarios is the obvious lack of motivation in you. Most of the people we know just get through […]

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7 Simple Hacks To Start Talking to Strangers with Ease

How to Talk to Strangers with Ease

Don’t wanna read? Watch this 43 seconds video instead.   Conversation defines who we are as a human being. Some conversations can make war, while can some can make peace. Conversation is a chance to establish a new connection or it is a chance to hear a story which you have never heard. We meet […]

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7 Things to Do to Get Your Life Together

How to get your life together

When chaos occurs, you are always left off balance but there are only a few who pick themselves up before it’s too late. There are those who are left wondering how they ended up in the situation or how will they move on. While time doesn’t wait for them and boom, it’s been three years […]

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10 Ways To Accidentally Ruin Your Life By 25

ways to ruin the next 25 years of your life

Time flies and you would soon be 50, you realize that? You might have retirement plans but do you think you would have this much energy to live your life then? We people are busy struggling in our life, finding ways to earn money without paying close attention to what we really want to do. […]

Life Tips

Manipulative People: How to Spot them and Stop Playing the Victim

Manipulative People

We are all manipulators in some way. We could say that in a certain way we are all subject to “manipulate” our reality when we have no other choice. However, when we manipulate or we want to change something to our benefit, we also try not to affect the others intentionally and consciously. On the […]