Keep your face in the sunshine, and the shadow will fall behind you!

Lisa Cumming’s story inspires and makes people believe that there is no shortcut to success and there is no substitute for hard work. You need to hustle, jostle and try everything possible to get the desired. Her story reminds the famous “The Tortoise and the Hare” by Aesop which tells how slow and steady wins the race and how wise decisions could help you fulfill your dreams and make you a winner.

Lisa Cummings

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that what takes longer lasts longer. Today Lisa Cummings is the founder and CEO of Lead Through Strengths. However, it has taken a mile of the journey for her to complete to reach this place. She is also a motivational speaker, StrengthsFinder workshop facilitator, and a manager. Dealing with so many roles, she still is not leaving any stone unturned to prove herself and be an inspiration for all.

Before starting and setting up the business, she has seen a lot of ebbs and flows in life. Lisa was working for a mutual fund company which suddenly shut down. The news comes as a shock for Lisa as she has never thought of plan B. It was a reality check, how fragile the job is. This was one of the life-changing moments that gave her the direction as for what to do in the future.

Lisa tried herself in different jobs before knowing what actually she is meant for. She worked as an English teacher, tried her hands in the corporate world, in the field of marketing and also as an HR consultant. Every job she chose was in one way or other interconnected with leadership development.  This inculcated the leadership skills in her.

Working in various fields in diverse roles and with different people broadens her horizons. Her way of thinking and tackling with different problems changed entirely. She developed a new perspective on life and her thoughts revitalized. Hanging out with new people, making new friends and watching the world through their eyes helped Lisa to understand the world better.

The connections Lisa developed with people helped her get better breaks. She started getting the job opportunities through the links, and every new job becomes a learning experience for her. However, the best thing about Lisa was she never settled for less. Her dreams were big, and she wanted to explore more and do something out of the box.

If you’re spending more time in your zone of genius you will be more productive; you’ll be more energized and more excellence in your performance. – Lisa Cummings

Lisa Cummings

While Lisa was busy learning and exploring the new opportunities, she discovered the strength finder (survey) and strength space development. She was blown away just by the idea of helping others by assisting them in finding their natural talent. Since it can help a lot of people to do better in their lives, it brings a spark in her eyes. This was the moment she decided that this is the thing she wants to do in her life and proceeded to launch her company Lead Through Strengths.

When your prayers are not answered, do not get sad because God has a better plan. If the mutual fund company wouldn’t have shut down, Lisa might still be struggling with her 9 to 5 job. She realized it when she finally understood the aim of her life. All the experience she gained in the last seven years- hopping from one job to another was pivotal in setting up her own business.

Lisa started “Lead Through Strength” in 2013, and since then there is no looking back. The company strives to help people find their strength at work and zones of genius so that they can feel more ease, energized, and excel at the job.

Lisa firmly believes a lot of us are stuck in Achievement Trap which in a nutshell is – trying hard to keep getting promoted, but those promotions feel good only to your ego, not your heart.

Stop and think, is this all you want in your life? The answer would definitely be a big NO.

The best way to find your natural talent is by taking Clifton Strength test and VIA character strength.

In a year from now, you could be a completely different space- mentally, physically and financially. So, keep working hard and never stop believing in yourself.