In our life, at various times we feel lost. More or less often we believe that this is not our place. That we don’t do what makes us happy or that what we do deprives us of good things. In short, we feel bad and we don’t find the meaning to anything. Well, between you and me, from a millennial to millennial, from loser to loser, now you are going to pass through the questions in the examination of your life that you haven’t ever studied.


Am I really a loser?

Feeling Lost and Confused

It is the first of many questions that you should ask yourself when you feel like this. Etymologically, a loser is someone who has no particular destiny. Honestly, I think we all have a destiny, from which we usually decide the journey. To lose oneself is habitual if you don’t know the way. To learn about it is obligatory if you want to know it.

There are people who spend their life doing things they hate, to get the money they don’t need, to buy things they don’t want and to impress people who hate. These kinds of people are real losers. You will have confused, doubtful or indecisive moments. Call that however you want, but you are not a loser.


Is this the first time I feel this way?

At first, it will seem that yes, that you have never been worse. That all the previous moments were exaggerations of your mind. That now there is no going back or that you will not be able to enjoy as before. Think again, perhaps now you see clearly that, from so much we walk, we sometimes get lost in so many dreams of greatness; although you know that it is always worth fighting to fulfill them.

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Will I always feel totally lost?

Feeling Lost and Confused

Forget the words always, everything, nothing and never. Events are relative and states are temporary, there are no absolute truths or permanent feelings. It may be that you have had a stroke of bad luck. That an unfortunate event occurred to you or that you have been involved in a specific event. But no, you will not feel totally lost forever.


What has brought us here?

In the plural, because we are body and mind in oneself because when you feel lost, there is no physical or mental strength that allows you to advance. So, take advantage of all those memories and regrets that pass through your head to furnish a little, to make the background of what has led you here and start building another present. The one you deserve, the one made for you.

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Am I a loser for work, family, love or friends?

Feeling Lost and Confused

Maybe it’s all a bit. Maybe it’s fear of something new, something better but you are not daring to say it. Change some things of your work, try to be assertive in your house and don’t stop being yourself with others. One of the great advantages of feeling lost is that it is time to act, to have the desire. Not just wanting to feel that way.

Yes, we can say that the worst moments are when the best ideas arise. That the need increases the ingenuity as well as inspires the artists and that in despair are drawn forces without limits.


Do I know what I want to do?

“If you already know what you have to do and you don’t, then you’re worse than before.” Confucius left us these pleasant words that we often forget.

Take advantage of every moment, disappoint the Master of Cowardice that you take off at the University of Conformism and start another race, one of speed, one in which you are the only applicant and winner. This race you need to run with courage, in a circuit in the form of a smile and with fuel made of courage.

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Am I making sense of my life?

Feeling Lost and Confused

“It doesn’t really matter that we expect nothing from life, but life expects something from us” (Viktor Frankl). Life is moments, some high and other low created by internal and external circumstances, although it is you who decides the intensity of the slopes. That is the meaning you want to give to your life, and what life expects of us.


Now what?

There are multiple questions to ask yourself when you are lost, but only one answer – stop waiting and start accepting. If you feel lost, then quiet, the best is yet to come.

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