Infatuation is a state that includes a series of feelings and sensations that make you feel a strong attraction towards another person. When you see some person and you feel the attraction. Not only physically. Where can you get with infatuation?

You can simply stay in a state of infatuation, even if you start dating that person. In that case, you create a beautiful relationship which will not turn into anything else. You can also go to the simple … nothing. In this case, the infatuation passes and you stop liking that person. In other cases, on the contrary, it can happen a fixation or falling in love.

Love vs. infatuation

There are 21 signs of love and infatuation that will help you discover the difference.

  1. LOVE: Deep research of the character traits, the common values, and the common interests.

INFATUATION: It is often based on meaningless adjectives, e.g. how a person walks or how he laughs.

  1. LOVE: The other properties are observed in addition to physical ones

INFATUATION: Mostly depends on physical attraction – the excitement that you feel when touching another person.

  1. LOVE: Initiates what is best for you, personal development, self-esteem, ambition, and desire for improvement

INFATUATION: It often has a destructive effect on a person, causing them to forget the reality of life.

  1. LOVE: It takes time for it to develop and mature.

INFATUATION: It is often abruptly terminated if you are not sexually active. If you are sexually involved, then this is not a trustworthy sign.

  1. LOVE: Recognizes values, but also what is less perfect.

INFATUATION: Often you are idealizing the other person and you do not want to admit that there are any shortages in its character.

Love vs. infatuation

  1. LOVE: Provides parent and friend approval.

INFATUATION: It often causes disapproval of family and friends.

  1. LOVE: Can survive separation.

INFATUATION: Often “dies” when other people go somewhere.

  1. LOVE: Reduces tension in problem-solving conversation.

INFATUATION:  It is characterized by frequent quarrels, discussions, and misunderstandings.

  1. LOVE: The person is ready to share and give happiness and safeness to the other person.

INFATUATION: More interested in what you can get out of that relationship.

  1. LOVE: Achieve trust and complete security.

INFATUATION: It often contains strong and common feelings of jealousy.

Love vs. infatuation

  1. LOVE: It usually deals with the current situation.

INFATUATION: Usually used to describe past relationships.

  1. LOVE: A sense of trust and security is characteristic of love.

INFATUATION: Often there are feelings of guilt, insecurity, and despair.

  1. LOVE: It grows over time and develops with emotional and biological maturity.

INFATUATION: It is more common among young adolescents and immature people.

  1. LOVE: It will not happen quickly after the termination of the former relationship.

INFATUATION: It may appear easy, immediately after the termination of the previous love relationship.

  1. LOVE: It gives you a lasting sense of interest and joy to your community.

INFATUATION: When sexual excitement disappears, it is mostly accompanied by boredom.

Love vs. infatuation

  1. LOVE: It enhances mutual interest and desire for participation in joint activities.

INFATUATION: The couple is preoccupied with outdoor parties and enjoyment.

  1. LOVE: It changes and becomes deeper.

INFATUATION: It slightly changes the shape of your connection, although you have been together for a long time.

  1. LOVE: The more you share your life with a loved one, the climate of deep emotions and intimacy develops.

INFATUATION: It’s often accompanied by shallow feelings that “excite you”.

  1. LOVE: A tendency to long-lasting is characteristic for it.

INFATUATION: It often takes very short.

  1. LOVE: Protects, builds and takes care of another person.

INFATUATION: Often exploits another person for his/her own benefit.

  1. LOVE: It is a good basis for marriage if they meet all other factors.

INFATUATION:  It’s always a bad foundation for marriage.

Love vs. infatuation

Infatuation is a beautiful feeling that contributes to mental maturation. What is important is to examine your perceptions when love begins to fade because otherwise we will embark on a vicious circle of hate, disappointment, or simply give up any relationship. The sooner we get rid of misconceptions about true love, the sooner we can help ourselves. It will not be easy, but it’s worth the effort.

In any case, let the princes and princesses live happily ever after, and let’s get into a search for love that is real and nothing less valuable, even though it is not covered by a veil of idealization. Because Love is an expression of will. It is a deep unity achieved by the power of will, and consciously strengthened by habit.