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Imagine a life that you enjoy living and working.

Imagine a life traveling the world.

Imagine a life having a great partner and family that is your backbone.

Imagine a life helping and inspiring others to live a better life.

Well, Lucie Fink of “Try Living with Lucie” series is the perfect example of that kind of life. She is creative, prolific and indigenous in her field alongside being the best example to all the Millennial reading this; living in an instant gratification world can give you a kaleidoscope of opportunities and following your passion is the key.

Lucie Fink

Lucie was always intrigued by doing different things and exploring better lifestyles. She doesn’t want to supersede any peers in a rat race as she has developed her own path.

When it comes to creativity, Lucie is like a shark swimming in a fishbowl.

Lucie was always a visionary and loved messiest art project in the school. She had hunger and a desire for writing and literature. Her mom is an artist, so she has an artistic DNA.

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Lucie has a stable family structure, and she is a best friend with twin sister and her older brother. Lucie’s family not only support her mentally but also physically as they live together in New York.

In 2014, Lucie’s life took a sharp turn; they say life always gives you opportunities and you just need to grab those. Her lucky break came when she got her first job just after the college; she started working as an associate producer in an advertising agency.

Lucie Fink

Lucie really wanted to do something innovative, dynamic and creative but her job was resisting her to do it. One day she went to the small conference room and took a camera, tripod and started shooting photos. Later on, Lucie learned that if she can rearrange photos into strings, it can actually turn out into a stop-motion video. That’s how Lucie discovered her passion and art of stop-motion video. Lucie made a video of marshmallow in that conference room and posted on Instagram, and it was an instant hit.

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She felt regenerated, rejuvenated and re-energized after making the video.
Stop-motion art waked up her intuition and shook up her entire life. Though a difficult task, it takes nearly 2-3 hours to make one video and to adjust the camera for the exact spot. Lucie never seems bothered about this difficulty; in fact, she was enjoying it.

It was this moment when she realized making stop-motion video was her passion and something which gives a spark of brilliance to her life. Lucie was finding meaning, purpose and deep fulfillment while recording Stop-motion videos.

Lucie Fink

One day she got approached by to make a stop-motion video. After completing the project, Lucie asked the e-commerce website to tag her in the post.

This was the start of her beautiful journey and another company contacted her after seeing her video for fancy. This created a string of networks for Lucie, and most importantly she was getting paid off for her hobby.

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During her college days, she made series of the video which she wanted to host and produce. The format of the video was really pleasing and fascinating. The first name which she thought was “5 Days Series” or “The Week I…”, but Lucie wanted to give a name which was quirky and catchy. They say life is all about patience. You can never expect a tree to bear fruit from the day the tree was planted.

And, who knew the dream Lucie planted during her college days will be harvested after few years. Lucie pitched few videos of this series to ‘Refinery 29’, and they fell in love with this idea.

Lucie Fink

They finally came out with “Try Living with Lucie,” and this series soon turned out to be a sensation. This is a series in which Lucie tries new things for five days including yoga, meditation and even weird stuff like a cold shower.

She is currently working as a video producer and lifestyle host for ‘Refinery29’, a New York City-based digital media company.

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Lucie had never really tried new things while growing up and it’s strange that she has tried new things in recent years that she hasn’t done in her whole life. But she always had that trying mantra running through her veins.

If you are passionate about something and you know that you are ready to devote a lot of time and energy to then just get started. – Lucie Fink

Lucie Fink

Lucie comes across an avalanche of people contacting her to suggest what she should do in her next video. Her ideas have helped people to try new things in their lives. Having encouraged and inspired thousands of people to get out of their comfort zone, Lucie is living a life that most people dream about.

Presently, she is a little bit off guard in making stop-motion video as her “Try Living with Lucie” videos are very successful and her audience is loving the content rather than making a stop-motion video for the brands.


Interview Timestamp

  1. (0:28)  When did you do your first stop-motion video? What exactly happened on that day and how did it change your life?
  2.  (4:36)  How did you come up with “Try Living with Lucie” YouTube series?
  3.  (7:54)  Which brand was the first to contact you to make a stop-motion video for their company?
  4.  (13:19) How do you get so much of positivity and creativity running in your veins? And how does it feel to encourage and inspire people to live a better life?
  5.  (18:22) Why did you leave your previous job?
  6.  (23:13) Your message to someone experiencing setbacks even after trying new things?
  7.  (30:33) Your struggle in becoming a Video Producer and Lifestyle host?
  8.  (33:48) Can you share your first interview with Refinery29? How did you feel?
  9. (36:08) What was the turning moment of your life?
  10. (39:05) What is the most exciting and amazing part of your job right now?

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