Brain might stop growing after a certain age, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t nurture it. It is the most significant part of your body and it is crucial that you work its muscles as well. If you exercise your brain muscles you could boost up its efficiency.

I am not saying that you will get all the knowledge of the world by only doing certain exercise, as you will always need to keep yourself updated to news and things that are going around the world. Else, what would you do if one day news came out that a superhero has arrived? Would you want to miss on the incredible news? I know I wouldn’t. But here are ways which will help you getting the brain muscles worked up.


Doing exercise regularly.

make your brain more efficient
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Whenever you exercise new brain cells develop in the body (which are not rotten like the others, I suppose) and it will help increasing brain function. This means that neurogenesis would be enhanced.


Be curious.

If you are always curious to figure out better ways to do things, which you almost regularly do, you could improve your living standard. Brain would require coming up with innovative ways to help you achieve your tasks. Also, be interested to question more about things that you see happening. Get the knowledge how they are done.

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Try New things.

make your brain more efficient
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It will always be good for your self-esteem if you learn how different things are done. New experiences create neural pathways in the brain, which increases intelligence. Cooking a new recipe, learning how to play a piano and many other beautiful things are out there in the world which you should not miss trying.


Eat right

Diet has a huge impact on your brain functions. Did you know that brain consumes 20% of all oxygen and nutrients that you have? Thus, you must ensure that you feed yourself with fresh fruits, vegetables and Omega-3 to benefit brain’s health.

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make your brain more efficientYes, you read that right! Listening to music also rewires your brain and it would happen even more if you learn how to play music instruments. This subsequently leads to you thinking faster and more accurately. (But how faster can we even think, eh?)


Enough sleep.

You must be aware how body regenerates cell when you are sleeping and removes the excess toxins that have gathered in your body. You must get enough hours of sleep and thus, should go to bed before midnight.

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Positive Thinking.

make you brain more efficient
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When you take stress, existing brain neurons are killed and even the new ones don’t get created. Research shows that a positive outlook speeds up the creation of new cells and reduces stress and anxiety. Thus, it would be better if you try to control your negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.



Reading a book relieves tension (which causes brain cells to kill) and make you feel more relaxed. Escapism is the factor which is hidden in the books. Reading triggers your imagination and you enter into a whole other world, forgetting your dilemmas for a while.

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Brain Training Games

make your brain more efficient
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Games that require you to work up your memory and concentration are crucial to train your brain for being better for other difficult tasks. Puzzles or memory tricks help in improving problem solving, persistence, and spatial skills.


Cut down on Your TV

Now here comes the disappointing news. Those who watch television or broadcasts for over 4 hours per day generally have a lower mental acuity score. Not only it lowers intelligence but also leads to attention disorders such as ADHD. Because rapid-fire stimuli makes the brain overloaded.

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Combat Inflammation.

Increase your intake of antioxidants and Omega-3s so that you are able to make your immune system strong as toxins, chemicals and infections lead to inflammation in your body. This proves harmful for the mental performance as it effects negatively on the brain.

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