10 Things You Can Do To Make Your Life Simpler

10 Things You Can Do To Make Your Life Simpler

All humans have a common goal in life: to achieve true happiness. The biggest factor that prevents you from doing so is yourself.

Every day you set the limits, intentionally or not. Either embrace your life, or you can hide from it, the decision is yours.

If you want to live a happy life, these are the things that you must stop doing to make your life simpler:


1. Other people’s approval

Things You Can Do To Make Your Life Simpler

Who cares what the other people think? If you are satisfied with the decisions you’ve made, why should you be concerned about someone else? Consider how many things you can accomplish when you stop allowing others to determine the way you live.

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2. The idea of the perfect partner

Perfect partner‘ does not exist. And, we know that.

What prevents you from getting ahead is the search for the perfect man/woman that you created in your imagination.

Instead of striving for someone impossible, find the one who is ‘right’ for you.


3. Expectations

The key to happiness is to stop having unrealistic expectations.

If you give up your expectations, you’ll never be disappointed.

We often believe that we will be treated the same way we treat others, but most of the time it’s not true.

Do not do things with the expectation that the same will be returned to you, do it because they make you happy. Open your mind.


4. Insecurity

Happy people tend to have very higher self-esteem. Happy people accept what they are, they are proud of themselves, and they spread positive energy.

There is no reason for doubt. If you have reduced confidence, change it. Only you have the ability to become the best version of yourself.

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5. Jealousy

Happiness does not mean getting the things you want, but to like what you have.

Stop the envy of others and begin to appreciate what you have.

Everyone’s life is unique. When we behave jealously, we draw negative energy in our life, of which we do not have anything good.


6. Focus on intrinsic value

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Let’s be honest, for the happiness, we do not need much; food and drink, a roof over our heads, the people we love, a job in which we find meaning.

Even though many advertisements want to convince us that material wealth brings happiness, it is not true.

Recognize the beauty of a simple, modest life, filled with lasting values.

That does not mean you have to live austerely, but wouldn’t it be better, instead of the fast race for material wealth, to focus our thoughts on inner values?

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7. Turn off the television

For many people, watching TV is a hobby that robs them of a large part of the time. On average, people spend three to four hours per day in front of the television. Usually, we cannot think of anything – smarter.

But those who are wiser (unfortunately rare) have already eliminated the problem – and simply got rid of the TV. And they never complained about that.

When you turn off the television,  you suddenly have more time and energy for other activities; reading, hanging out with a friend, family …


8. Plan your time

Things You Can Do To Make Your Life Simpler
If you want to simplify your life, get used to systematically planning time.

Every morning, use 10 minutes and plan what you need to do for that day. What is the most important task? Devote most of the time to that task.

Set deadlines to perform a particular task.

Plan some trifles too – so you will not forget them, and you will pass the day without stress.


9. Get rid of the useless stuff

Is your apartment crowded with things that you do not need, and just about tripping over them?

Useless old stuff not only that they take up valuable space, but they were always distracting our attention, bother us, make us nervous; old newspapers are asking to be re-flipped again, the old puzzle to assemble it again.

Create a “general cleaning” routine – take the Terminator action to clean up and be ruthless!


10. Be neat

Everyone likes the well-structured layout of the desk or neat rooms.

Orderliness gives us a sense of simplicity and clarity, provides us with a good overview of things that do not interfere with our concentration.

The neat and clean environment also has another advantage; saves time.

When everything is in place, you will find your stuff faster.


11. The need for control

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Sometimes you just have to let things happen as they should.

You just cannot control everything.

Relax and let things run their course.

Accept the unfamiliar and enjoy the excitement that it brings.

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