7 Do’s/Don’t While Making Conversations With Women

By Akshay

Every guy knows how good women are with their words. We guys are really very challenged when we compare them with us.

However, every guy isn’t the same. There are some really cool guys who can have a great conversation with any women on the planet. Now, you need to decide which category you fit the best.

If you are not a great conversationalist when you’re with girls, here is small and completely free tutoring for you.


1. Be a Good Listener

When she speaks, devote your heart and mind to listen to it. Even if she speaks shit. Don’t just pretend to be listening, girls can make up pretty quickly if you are honestly listening or not.

Conversations are never meant to be one-sided. So, listen carefully and raise questions to make it more interesting. You will also be able to know her point of view.


2. Don’t Be Intrusive

It’s a very fragile moment when a woman speaks about her life moment or something personal. Just one wrong question at the wrong moment can make her stop talking about it completely. So, be very choosy about the questions you ask. She shouldn’t feel as if it’s an interrogation.


3. Speak Clearly

You might be too nervous, but be confident. At least, make her feel that you are a confident man. Don’t let there be a shiver in your voice. Moreover, if you speak too fast, make sure to slow down your pace, so that she can catch up with you.


4. Don’t Hog the Conversation

If she is taking her pet dog, don’t steer the conversation to your favorite sport. Doing this often is sure to turn off her mood. Girls love to stay in the limelight and, therefore, you need to talk about everything she is interested in, whether you like or not. She will definitely enjoy talking to you if you seem to be interested in listening to her.


5. Don’t Argue

Even though you think you are right, just avoid arguments with a girl. You know that you aren’t going to win, so what’s the point in arguing over it. Moreover, there is a place and time for debates, you just can’t argue over something at any random place.


6. Have Eye Contact

By not having an eye contact you are giving her the impression that you either don’t consider her to your level or maybe you are too shy as a guy. This is actually one of the biggest turn-off. Maintain eye contact and smile at her (not too much) so that you can have a very positive impact on her mind.


7. Don’t use swear words

Being a guy, we are like addicted to using swear words every now and then. However, when you are along with the girl you fancy, just keep the four letters swear word at bay. Since you don’t know much about her, she is definitely going to stay away from you, if you use those words at the first instance.