#MeToo – Not Only Women Are Harassed But Men Too

#MeToo – Not Only Women Are Harassed But Men Too

#MeToo was started by Alyssa Milano (actress) on 16th Oct. Her tweets says “If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet.”

For most people, when they think of sexual harassment in the workplace, their mind immediately jumps to an image of a woman being harassed or propositioned.

Of course, this tweet can be usual, but we live in a social world where anything can be debatable you never know. This tweet spread like a wildfire it has reached 25k Retweets till now. All the sexually harassed woman around the world including actresses like America Ferrera, Anna Paquin, Lady Gaga, Rosario Dawson and Debra Messing are sharing their stories. And trust me some of these stories can bring trauma to your heart and tears to your eyeball.

We should not group sexual harassment and sexually assault together. They are both different things, but both are wrong. Sexual harassment implies more verbal communication someone passes lewd comments towards you. Sexual assault tends to physical things, and this is worse.

I entirely support this campaign. I agree a woman should open up so that there will be no future victim. But there is one thing that breaks my heart Do we really think the only woman is harassed? Do we really think that only woman is sexually assaulted?

Images that show what it feels like to suffer from mental illness. Bringing the inside to the outside.

The number of women getting sexually harassed or assault is far greater than men, I won’t disagree. By this statement, it doesn’t mean every woman has to look men under the same microscope.

For all those feminazis out there I respect you, but every man is not the same. Nobody really knows what’s it’s like how to live as the opposite sex as simple as that you can’t blame everymen.


Now, why are woman sexually harassed and assault?

I’ve outlined the most common reasons.

First reason, the girl saying ‘No‘ to a guy. The guy would take revenge on her by raping her.

Second, In the work environment, where the boss takes advantage of his high power and harass a woman with fear. Do what I say or you’ll be fired.

Third, Lust, this is the most prominent reason for the assault. Many of the rape cases are their just because of the lust.

Two-Third of young Women are sexually harassed at work (broadly). Many women who are a victim of this doesn’t want to open up because she worries about her safety and finds it easier just to move on with their lives rather than engage in a lengthy court battle.

The best reason to report is to prevent future victim.

“And I was blamed for it. I was told not to talk about it. I was told that it wasn’t that bad. I was told to get over it” – Najwa Zebian


Why is man sexually harassed and assaulted?

Many men are concerned with false rape accusation woman completely consent the night up than wake up the next morning will call this rape or crazy ex-girlfriend who accuse the man afraid because of revenge.

A false rape accusation can destroy someone’s life forever; a woman needs to understand this. It is very important to know that accuser is telling the truth or not.

Men are raped by a woman and even by men too in many cases, but when man come out with their stories, everyone mocks and laughs at them. This is 21st Century btw.

The only real solution is for us to change bodies for a month, so we know what each other faces. Since this can’t happen in reality. Man and woman have a different perspective and different experience also. Since no one truly knows what it’s like to live in other shoes. Maybe man and woman can talk to each other to solve this problem. 

LifeHacks wants to salute all those woman and men out there who are sexually abused ever in their life and now sharing their stories or haven’t yet. You are brave. You are God’s masterpiece. You are courageous. You are valiant. You are heroic. You are lionhearted.

It’s high time guys speak up. If you don’t then there will be many sufferers like you in the future.


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