“What is the meaning of life?” is a universal question that resurfaces constantly as the world changes. After the collapse of major religious systems and political ideologies, each of us is drawn to ourselves and wondering what makes sense to us. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons for the philosophy revival, the success of personal development and spirituality. Let’s not forget, however, that the mere fact of asking this question is the prerogative of the wealthy or at least those who no longer have to fight for their survival. The unfortunate one cannot afford to question the meaning of their existence. They are just trying to live each day at a time, as much as the food they seek daily, family, friendship, tribal, and community ties need to be sought through learning about life and its meaning.


What gives meaning to our life?

meaning of life

The feeling of importance is the one that most predicts that life has meaning. Despite the need to delve into science, I believe that that there is a sense of importance that can be improved by engaging in self-indulgence, and understanding our role in the big picture of society may give us the ability to seek meaning and significance in our lives and ourselves.

Feeling grateful that we have some impact on the lives of others, especially those who will take the torch of life after us, reinforces our awareness that our lives matter. Most parents understand what matters when their children spontaneously express joy, need, fear, or love, as it becomes clear to them the importance of what they possess during the rapid growth of their children and their pursuit of independence.

A person is assured of the importance of his life when he contemplates the legacy that he will leave in the people he affected during his life, whether in the way he dealt with them, as he is or by the way he lived life, the sadness that we may have felt because of something trivial when we face emotional losses that could change our lives. Arguments about homework and general everyday matters become trivial when something is threatening a loved one’s life or safety.

We do not have to wait for the occurrence of a crisis to know the things of real importance in our lives, and we can remind ourselves of what is important before any crisis occurs that we may see.

The most valuable gift that we can give to each other is to express what we mean to ourselves and others, for faith, hope and love are steadfast feelings, but the greatest feeling in them is love. Belief in the logic of life even if we do not understand it, and the hope of achieving our goal in life is important to our mental health, in the end, comes the feeling that our life is worth living through our love for each other and the exchange of others their love for us, in difficult times can be affirming our love for others is their greatest source of strength.


Is the meaning of life universal?

We search for the meaning of life in our hopes and aspirations, and our pains, publicly, we find a reason that pushes us to move forward, in the sense that a person feels their value and humanity, accepts life, interacts and responds to it, and achieves distinction and exclusivity and strives towards achieving almost impossible goals.

I believe that the meaning of life can exist even in the most severe moments of pain and suffering and that every human being is responsible for finding meaning in their lives, and for transforming the worst dark experiences into decisive moments of victory in the hope of achieving specific goals. To give their lives a value and meaning worth living, and it takes place as a result of satisfying primary motivation, which is the will of existing with meaning which can be divided into a few major categories:


The social factor

Live an active, open life. Don’t be afraid to go out. It’s always better to discover something new than to stay home.

  • Go for a walk.
  • Go to the park.
  • You have a nice chat with someone you met there.
  • Take a bike tour.
  • Go to the museum.

Whatever it is, what you do outside your home, do it. Your mood will rise and you will get a whole new outlook on your life.

Staying home watching TV or surfing the internet is great for relaxing, but it shouldn’t be all your free time. Everything in Moderation – Balance your craving for hanging out with the certainty that life is only temporary and that you will never take back the time you spent at home.


Setting up goals

The happiness that you win when you get things done and succeed is lost quickly. It is very similar to new property gains: happiness quickly disappears and you feel like you always had before. I always go by the motto “The path is the goal”, this way, you can be the source of your happiness. Setting a goal leads us to do our best and be logical. In a way, goals are our “fuel” that we burn to be happy in the long run.

Every milestone you achieve on the way to the big goal should give you satisfaction when you reach it. Savor your luck when you reach your goal, but remember that happiness is temporary. To avoid disappointment and to feel happy again, you must set a new goal.


Letting the past rest

The past cannot be changed, so we must let it rest. Don’t waste a second thought about the things that could have been – these things didn’t happen, they weren’t real. Instead, focus on the things that exist and change you. Here are some examples of things you shouldn’t regret – not for a second

  1. Romantic relationships that fzzle out.
  2. The mistakes you made in your career.
  3. Adventures you did not embark on.
  4. Embarrassing situations that happened to you.
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How to create meaning in your life?

meaning of life

Some many concepts and nuances transcend the three classifications mentioned above. So, here are some additional concepts that will guide you in where to look for meaning in your life:

Positive energy

Take a moment to think about all the beautiful things in your life. Think of all the great things that you have, not the things you do not have. If you are feeling sad, it can be difficult, so start with the things you take for granted. Ask yourself the questions below. If you can answer “yes” to even one question, you can count yourself lucky – not everyone can.

  • Do you have a roof over your head?
  • Do you have a job?
  • Did you enjoy school education?
  • Do you have a partner who loves you?
  • Do you have family members with whom you have a good relationship?
  • Do you sometimes have free time to do what you want?
  • Do you have a pet?
  • Is there a beautiful piece of nature in your area?
  • Do you have enough to live on?
  • What else do you need? Is it really necessary?


Starting a family

The boundless intelligence that created the Universe with undeniable and breathtaking perfection has provided a “Research and Development” division: Earth. as if it said to itself, “I am going to create the conditions in a part of the Universe to go further than I can imagine.” For that, you need actors, a stage, and a scenario: human beings, the Earth, and the freedom of action.

Man, like other creations in the Universe, is programmed for creation, starting with his ability to create another human being. No doubt the Universe is powerful enough to have deliberately chosen this way of reproducing over another and not for lack of resources to do it otherwise.

The spiritual being will carefully choose the family where they will stay according to one’s needs to progress. A person chooses the family with the proper time, environment, ancestors, and particularities. It is all part of a perfectly matured plan to be able to fulfil the purpose of our spiritual being.


Impressing people the right way

Like a digital imprint left while surfing the internet to leaving evidence at a crime scene, imprints can go beyond the negative, physical aspect. We can only find peace in leaving our world by placing that goodness within in the thing we touch, feel and interact with.

If we look at our reality, we will find that we do not give much importance to good deeds and we always feel short on serving life selflessly, rather we may have left negative effects that harm the environment or the members of society directly, and from here the individual becomes useless and his existence is like his absence, but worse than that.

The person who makes an impression on people does not intend to pretend to be important or influential but seeks to do so through concern for individual behavior, personal reputation, and the way others see it. Life is not a path for you, but your interaction with it and choosing your meaning to life.


How do you live a purposeful life?

Be self-aware

First, accept the truth. Everything you fear to know reduces your awareness. Accept your feelings about the truth, whether you like it or not.

Second, tell the truth. If honesty is a challenge for you, it is because you are not being honest enough with yourself. The lies you tell others are masked by the lies you tell yourself. Notice those areas where you feel uncomfortable with true honesty, and try to find out why. You will find that you discover a part of yourself that you did not wish to accept.

The more you can accept and speak the truth, the more aware you become. Raise your awareness by uncovering and casting all traces of falsehood from your life. As your awareness increases, you will be honest more easily. And there may be consequences when you move from lies and half-truths to the full truth, but very conscious people know that crossing this bridge is worth the risk but that doesn’t matter once you accept and appreciate yourself.


Communicate with those around you

Alain de Botton, a founder of a popular blog, believes that the purpose of life is divided into three activities:

  1. Communication processes.
  2. Understanding.
  3. The provision of services.

Some of the most important moments of our lives relate to the way we communicate with what is going on around us, whether it is about a person, a song, or a book. Our communication with our surroundings is what takes us out of our isolation. As for understanding, we can understand the world around us. Providing services boils down to working to improve the lives of others.


Find meaning

The biological meaning of human life, as for every species, is to survive, to procreate bypassing its specific genetic message. For the human species, psychic qualities enabling social and emotional behaviour are also meaningful because family and social life are essential elements for the survival of the species.

In addition to these primary qualities, I think it is through reflection that a person is free to give to themselves self a sense of their life: through reflection and action. You can dedicate yourself to a vocation or take on a challenge and commit to a purpose in his life, pursue his passion or undertake something that highlights his talents.

It is not given to everyone to become an Alexander the Great, a Gandhi, a Leonardo da Vinci, a Mozart, or an Einstein, but if one manages to showcase himself with his given qualities, his life has one direction. Even failures have meaning if you can learn from your mistakes.

If, for you, life is meaningless, focus on what you like to do, because what you like to do is what you do best and that’s what you get along with. enhance and your life will take on its full meaning.


To end things off …

The search for meaning in our lives is perhaps the most important motivation behind everything we do. This is the reason behind all the causes. One of the best ways to build your goal is; Strive to be the best version of yourself. This is done by helping and serving others, setting goals, and striving to achieve them. What makes it difficult to know what “the purpose of life” is, is that it is a rather broad concept. It can be interpreted in several interpretations, according to each of us. Perhaps the best way to compare our purpose and the purpose of our existence. It is a mosaic panel that each piece consists of achievements and experiences we have lived, in every aspect of our lives. Add to the experiences of our family and friends. So you have to look at it in its entirety so that you can know if you are satisfied with the image you drew of yourself.