Mette Sillesen is a Futurist, Sociologist, Innovator and a TEDx speaker. Hailing from Denmark—known as “The Happiest Country in the World.”

Being a futurist, she has critical news for the world but also a solution! She is concerned about the future of humanity, as she sees many challenges ahead, both collectively and individually – one thing is the climate and another is artificial intelligence, which will replace a lot of the work and tasks that we do today and fundamentally alter human life. It brings about a lot of ethical questions and big concerns, but also enormous potential, Mette stresses.

Matte Sillesen

Mette is occupied with the human side of the future and thinks that we currently lack human interaction and being in nature. As she puts it: “We seem to be out of sync, we spend too much time on our screens. High Tech – High Touch is out of balance.”

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High Tech – High Touch is an expression that Mette has borrowed from the futurist John Naisbitt. It implies that as the world becomes more and more technological, our need for “touch” correspondingly increases. “We must balance tech and touch,” says Mette.

Matte Sillesen

Stress, anxiety, and depression are widespread mental diseases today and perfectionism as an epidemic is on the rise due to the overload of performance, competition, and comparison in the society. We are experiencing more pressure and bigger transformation that we can handle.

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Social media can be damaging to our mental health and self-worth as they have a tendency to promote our occupation with the conceptual idea of who we are, and not our connection to who we really are. “It’s a problem that we and especially young people relate to ourselves in this way,” says Mette. “We get distanced from ourselves, we view ourselves in the third person. We’re creating unrealistic ideals of the perfect self and miss out on the real connection to self.”

The solution is “touch and spirit”.


Mette Sillesen

Mette has many years of expertise as a futurist and according to her, the future is spiritual. Everything that can’t be artificially produced will experience a renaissance. We will fall in love with the real. Mette sees spirituality as different from religion, as she thinks spirituality is much more individual and dynamic. “It’s about being in the world, about consciousness and the magic of life. It’s the way we open our eyes, hearts, and attitudes towards life. It’s the energy that connects everything.”

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The ultimate difference between man and machine is a spirit. Technology has no soul, no feelings, no consciousness, and no subjective experience of reality, only humans do!

Mette encourages people to invest their energy in people, nature, and their true self.  She wants to make herself and her own life better as she wants to lead by example. Mette doesn’t believe in preaching but in action.